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    15. Jul 21, 2010 8:41 AM (in response to rhughes18)
    Re: Courtesy Runner for the 3rd Baseman

    So, No out in ASA for an illegal offensive sub?

    In some cases, yes. For example, if an illegal batter bats and reaches base, and the defense points it out before the next pitch/play (or before the defense or umpires leave the field at the end of the game), then the batter is ruled out and disqualified.

    Illegal courtesy runner I would think is a runner that is running for F1 or F2 and is not eligible to be a courtesy runner.

    A runner for someone other then F1 or F2 would be a sub no matter what the OM said it was.


    Per ASA 8-10 Effect Re: Courtesy Runner for the 3rd Baseman, "If a courtesy runner fails to report or <u>violates the courtesy runner rule</u> they are considered an illegal runner and shall be disqualified."  Wouldn't you consider a reported courtesy runner for someone other than the pitcher or catcher as a violation of 8-10?

  • rhughes18 Pro 114 posts since
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    16. Jul 21, 2010 1:28 PM (in response to Manny_A)
    Re: Courtesy Runner for the 3rd Baseman

    I don't have an ASA rule book.


    I guess I was getting jammed up because FED considers a violation of the courtesy runner rule as an illegal substitution and as you wrote ASA views it differently.

  • Delaware ASA UIC Pro 75 posts since
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    17. Jul 21, 2010 5:49 PM (in response to Manny_A)
    Re: Courtesy Runner for the 3rd Baseman

    Irish, I'm wondering, what would you have called if I'd waited until after a pitch and then pointed out that a courtesy runner for the 3rd baseman is not allowed.

    Out and ejection? Would you have allowed "we meant PINCH runner not courtesy runner" and proceeded from there? Any other approaches I haven't thought of?

    It would never happen, I keep a complete and up to the minute line-up card.

    BTW I asked this of the UIC after the game, and he said he would have just put the 3B back in the game, no penalty. Which to me seems correct for a rec game but not for a game in the State championship tourney - what if the first pitch had been hit into play, after all?


    Actually, it is true for all JO softball. 


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