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Nov 2, 2010 5:32 PM

Newbie can't get beyond 5 minutes due to IT Band pain

I'm a 41 year old female and have been trying to take up jogging for 3 years now. I've been plagued with sharp right sided pain on outer knee and occasionally outer hip. The sports physiotherapist said it's classic IT band pain, due to pronation and weak gluteus medius. Actually it's interesting but it does seem to be a lot harder to balance on my right leg than on my left and I do feel my glutes aren't very prominent. My left side is tight too but doesn't give me any pain during jogging. Again and again I've tried to perservere because I love the endorphin rush I experience after running, plus it's just great to feel like a kid again running. I've started doing sets of slow squats daily at home, I've built up to about 80 a day to help increase my muscle strength. I've been advised to buy a foam-roller to massage it out, as previously it helped when the physio massaged it. But it's too expensive to keep going back to the physio, and I've not yet tried the foam-roller because I'm hoping that gradual perserverance will win the day. Some days I get the pain immediately, other days after 5 minutes, so it's really preventing me from making any progress. I'm not over-weight and my legs are a lot stronger than they were 3 years ago, also I have bought new Brooks Adrenaline trainers, but still no progress. Nowadays I'm just running on the treadmill. Would it help to try Fartlek? I usually jog at 7.3k/h but today tried 2 mins at 10k/h alternating with 2 mins walking. The pain came on after 2 mins of running. Should I perservere with Fartlek or buy a foam-roller? Are there any other exercises I should be doing to help build up my glutes?Everything I've read on Google about IT Band pain suggests it's an over-training phenomena, but in my case it does seem to be unusually severe.  Any tips would be most appreciated.

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    Buy the foam roller and use it.  Also, have you tried standard ITBS stretches?  They worked for me when I had ITBS years ago.


    Fartlek generally is a technique to build speed.  You are at the stage of needing to build endurance.  If anything, running faster will lead to poorer, not better, form.


    I also would suggest finding a good running-oriented physical therapist to work on your form.  Minor changes in form can help a lot.


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    Definitely get the foam roller.  In my opinion, you can't train your way out of an IT Band problem.


    Here's a couple of posts that I wrote that you might find helpful.


    Take Care of Your IT Band

    Foam Roll or The Stick - Which is Best?


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    I just restarted C25K on 10/4 after being off 6 weeks with ITBS.  I saw an orthopedic who sent me for physical therapy with a sports therapist.  I now run pain free BUT I do IT band stretches every day and my PT exercises 3 days a week.  These include lying flat on the floor straight leg lifts, hip raises on a stair, clam shell leg lifts, and 3 other differenc leg lifts with weights to increase hip muscle strength.  The person who said you can find IT band stretches online was correct.  Also, instead of the foam roller, I have one of those foam pool noodles.  Only 4 dollars and works the same.

    Oh!  And the very immediate basics - stop running, RICE (Rest Ice Compression Elevation).  I was icing twice a day.  No cycling and stay away from stairs.  You'll be glad you did when you are running pain free again.


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    Hi everyone,


    I had a helluva time with ITB pain two years ago after running the NY Marathon. I raced well and finished in 2:44, but then I couldn't run for 6 months! After seeing a lot of doctors and physical therapist, I combined a lot of their advice and online research to create a strength routine designed specifically for this injury. Check out my ITB Rehab Routine in a post I wrote awhile back.


    I hope it helps!

    - Fitz.

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