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  • KennyP_USMC Amateur 10 posts since
    Sep 26, 2010

    I haven't completed a full 26.2 (damn thats a long distance!!!!!) marathon....yet.  However as of last week I told myself I need to do the Marine Corps Marathon.  I am active duty in the Marine Corps and have always conducted some form of physical training three times a week for the past 15 years.  And about 4 months ago my views kinda changed about running.  Truth be told, I HATE RUNNING!  But it is funny what life and a set of orders to a new unit does to a person.  After coming off recruiting duty in January for the last three years my physical activity was minimal...actually it was really pathetic.  I was part of the 6 mile per year club....a physical fitness test in the first and second halves of each year.  That was it.  And being on recruiting duty, you were supposed to have the discipline to "PT" on your own.  Well my "PT" was sleeping in the rack...if I didn't have to "PT" then I didn't do anything but sleep.

    Now lets bring it back to the present day.  I am back at Camp LeJeune and checked into a unit where everyone runs...ALL THE TIME!!  My first thoughts were that I was not gonna make it.  But after talking to my peers and senior leadership they have helped me whip my @ss back into shape.  Getting back to my views on running; yes I still hate to run, but the running bug bit me and bit me hard.  Like everyone keeps telling me it's addictive.  My peers and seniors all run together, and for the longest time I always managed to fall back, way back.  We would go on runs ranging from 4 miles up to 10 miles...and do this 3 times a weeks.  This is crazy, madness I say.  What the hell is wrong with these people?  But whats funny is that I noticed changes going on with me.  I started keeping up more.  I still get passed by my seniors but I am not the last.  My jeans are baggy...I went from a size 36 to 34.  And my biggest physical motivator...I see veins in areas I never saw before.

    Last month I completed my first half-marathon.  I finished in 2:18.  It motivated me immensely!  And then a few weeks back we all completed a 10k.  All of this running has changed me mentally and physically.  Stessors are easily erased and I feel better now than when I was a young hard charger.

    So to me, what will be my motivating factor to complete the 2011 Marine Corps Marathon.  There are 3 reasons.  First and foremost, finishing the marathon will be my way of expressing sincere greatful appreciation to my Master Sergeant that got me hooked on this running kick.  Because it was he that pushed me and coached me the whole way.  What better way to display that by showing him I can do this.  My second reason, my family.  My wife and little girls cheering me on at the half marathon motivated the sh*t out of me.  I love them so much and my wife is supportive to this new healthy habit!  My third reason, just to accomplish something I never ever would have expected to even think of doing.

    Tomorrow morning is a "boots n utes" run to a distance only the Master Sergeant knows. Saturday is a easy 5k that my wife will join me on.  And November 7th is the Battleship North Carolina Half marathon....and whats really funny about it all is that I cannot wait to hit the pavement running.

    God I hate running!  Ha Ha  Thank you everyone for sharing your experiances with us all!

    Semper Fi!



    Completed Races:

    Marine Corps Physical Training - For the last 15 years all over the globe.  "In Every Climb and Place"

    Marine Corps Half Marathon - Camp LeJeune, NC - 9/25/10 - 2:18:50

    Beirut Memorial 10k - Camp Johnson, NC - 10/9/10 - 53:57

    Oktoberfest 5k - Jacksonville, NC - 10/23/10 - 22:59

    Midnight Run for Ovarian Cancer 5k - Wilmington, NC - 10/29/10 - 23:00

    Upcoming Races:

    Swansboro Rotary Tideland News Great Mullet Run - Swansboro, NC - 11/13/10

    Marine Corps Half Marathon - Fredericksburg, VA - 5/??/11

    Marine Corps Marathon - Washington DC - 10/??/11  (decided I am gonna do this come hell or high water...that is if I am not deployed!!)

  • KeithAHauser Amateur 20 posts since
    Oct 25, 2010

    For me, like I think for a lot of people, I wanted to just keep pushing and see what I was made of. I'd already been running 10Ks and even a half-marathon. Somehow it seemed like there was only one next step to go: really see if I could finish a whole marathon. If anyone wants to read what it was like for me that first time (running the Berlin Marathon through a still-divided city) can check it out here (it should be worth a good laugh): Running the Berlin Marathon

    I travel a lot with my job, and run everywhere I go. Visit my blog, with running routes in cities all over the world --: images, maps and detailed descriptions:

  • fool918 Amateur 25 posts since
    May 24, 2008
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    32. Oct 30, 2010 12:14 PM (in response to chrisbennett)
    Re: What motivated you to run your first marathon?

    Great inspiring video of Joan Benoit.  I was turning 50 and running a marathon before age 50 was on my bucket list and I completed the Marine Corps Marathon within a month of tuning 50.  Wonderful experience - almost dream-like.  Helped me to realize goals, even when difficult and long term can be accomplished. 

  • lmurray410 Rookie 2 posts since
    Oct 13, 2010

    I got toally motivated once I started getting in shape. I was overwight all my life, and reached the obese range by 13.  But two years ago, after my mom had a heart attack, I decided that I  needed to change my life. Soon after, I set my sights on the NYC  marathon and here I am today! I lost 100 pounds and I did it! More  important, I did it for a great cause- running with Team for Kids.  Collectively we raised $4 million to fight childhood obesity! My coach  Gail was actually interviewed for this article- it really explains the  whole program and what a great thing it is to be a part of!

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