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    195. Sep 8, 2010 5:27 AM (in response to nuttyfamily)
    Re: C25K as a Weight Watchers Member

    Hi Huckie!  Congrats!  I usually don't eat my activity points unless I am doing a lot of activity and am feeling real hungry.  There have been times where I have eaten a lot more because I have stayed within my regular points and then got really hungry.  I say just listen to your body and if you are hungry, then eat a lil bit more.  To the person who is nervous about week four....I was very nervous about it too and I finished W4D2 this morning and it went very well!  I was also really nervous about it and on the first day, I ran the last 5 minutes splitting it up with a 30 sec walk in between.  This morning I ran the last five mins plus 30 more secs!  It's great!  I would have never thought I could do that!  I am 5'10" and at 247 lbs.  I LOVE this program

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    196. Sep 12, 2010 5:11 PM (in response to cawfeegirl)
    Re: C25K as a Weight Watchers Member

    Cawfee girl- I am so sorry about your foot.  That just stinks (not your foot, but the breaking of it!)  I would see what your dr says for exercise.  If you could at least do some strength training---anything to keep the muscles moving.  Wishing you a speedy recovery.


    Welcome to all the new people.  I completed C25K in June and have run in one 5 K per month since (still need to do one for September).  Running is a great activity.  I am getting my 14 yr old son involved and we did a 2 mile dog jog this weekend with my labradoodle.  It was really fun to run with my to boys.  My son is still not conditioned enough, so we walked part of it.  It was just a delight to have him out there with me (and someone to hold the dog when I went to the porta potty)


    I struggled with breathing on my runs for a long time.  I am finally feeling fairly comfortable (that is not to say I don't still get winded when I run faster than my normal snail pace).  I use a couple of different methods.  First and foremost for my long runs, I ALWAYS chew gum.  I know sounds crazy- but I tend to breathe in and out of my mouth and gum helps keep your mouth and throat from drying out.  This is all fine and dandy but there have been several times, rather early in my run, that the gum has fallen out of my mouth and really messed up my mojo.  The other method I use when I feel really winded is to breathe in through my nose for a count of 3 and out through my mouth for a count of 4.  Concentrate on this while running and pretty soon you forget to concentrate on it because you have gotten yourself back into a pattern.  When I started the 90 second runs felt like a marathon.  A lot of the breathing issues is just conditioning of your lungs.  I found after I completed my first 5K and slacked off quite a bit, I struggled a bit more.


    The good news is that you can do this.  And WW works, when you apply it properly.  I have got to get focused and begin tracking again.  I did really well and lost 8 pounds in 7 weeks, and then the 8th week, I put back 1.8 pounds and I fear this week is not going much better.  I need to put down the fork and put on the tennis shoes!


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    197. Sep 12, 2010 10:08 PM (in response to Metime)
    Re: C25K as a Weight Watchers Member

    I hear you Metime! I also need to put down the fork! Arg! One day good, the next bad. I started tracking points again yesterday and did good. Then today I pigged out! I am kicking myself now. Tomorrow I have to start again.  What I need to do is log everything I eat on the bad days. Maybe that would help.  Frustrating! My running is doing good though. I finished W8D2 yesterday.  So close to finishing...I hope I don't sabotage myself!

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    198. Sep 21, 2010 2:43 PM (in response to GetMovnShelly)
    Fall is here! How was your summer?

    Hey everyone,

    Sorry it's been awhile since I checked in.  I decided to do another 4 weeks of WW so I'm back on the wagon.


    How is everyone doing on the c25k?  I thought I'd offer a bit of encouragment.....


    I got on the scale today and even thought I haven't done WW since August 1st and I've eaten like CRAP, I HAVEN'T GAINED A POUND!!!  People, IT'S THE RUNNING!!!!!!      My base mileage is 9-12 miles per week and it keeps the weight off.  HANG IN THERE if you're struggling with the program.  I'm tellin keeps things in check when the diet gets shaky.  I just ran my first ever 10k and though I have lots of room to improve, it was an awesome experience.  I hope you can get to the goal you want, in running and in weight.


    I've decided that I'm going to try and drop another 10 lbs so I'm going to get back on the wagon and bump up the exercising.  I'm not at the point I'm desparate, so if it doesn't happen I won't lose any sleep over it.


    Anyway, just thought I'd check in with you all and see how everything's going.  I HOPE it's going GOOD!


    Take care!




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    Jenn / BradenMommyof5


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    199. Nov 9, 2010 1:45 PM (in response to BradenMommyof5)
    Guess what?!?!?!?!

    Guess what, my wonderful running buddies?!?!?!?!?!?!


    Oh it's been a heck of a month for me, but the good news is...


    I'M HAVING A BABY!!!!!



    I thought I had gotten pregnant in September and thus, about 7-8 weeks along.  Last week I started having some issues and really thought I'd miscarried.  (I've lost 2 babies in the past at about 6-8 weeks)  BUT, God is good.  We went in yesterday to the doctor to have a followup/aftercare appointment, based on the assumption that I'd lost the baby.  Get this though, not only am I still PREGNANT, I'm TWELVE AND 1/2 WEEKS along!!!!!!!  Apparently I have an issue going on that causes bleeding and it masked my pregnancy.  I actually concieved in August, but this condition caused bleeding right around the time I should have a period, so I assumed I just wasn't pregnant.  I'd ALSO taken a test at that time too but it was too early to show positive, so between those two sign, I didn't think I was pregnant.  It was a really, really, really great surprise.  Baby looks good, heartbeat is strong.  The condition that caused the problems is still present, but thankfully, isn't any risk to the baby or myself.  I was told to NOT run anymore (thankfully I hadn't run since the first of October because I'd been feeling so sick) and to be careful about lifting heavy things.  They also told me not to lift, yeah right.  My kids are 5, 3 and 1 1/2...that aint happenin'.


    SO, I'm officially taking a sabbatical from my running journey BUT, I shall return!  Lol  I'm due May 21st so maybe I can hit some late fall 5k's.  I'll take things slow, of course.  I'll also be turning 30 next summer so I acknowledge it may be a little tougher to get back into.


    I've been so grateful for the running.  I lost 30 lbs during the journey, and am starting this pregnancy out at the lowest weight I've ever been.  SOOOOOOO thankful for that.  I don't usually gain much while I'm pregnant and am hoping that helps in the recovery.


    Hope you all are still running and doing well. I'll miss the runs but I'm so much more ready to have a sweet little baby to kiss, hug and of course, change poopy diapers for.  LOL Hey, it's a package deal, right?


    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Christmas holiday season!






    Jenn / BradenMommyof5


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    200. Nov 10, 2010 7:42 PM (in response to BradenMommyof5)
    Re: Guess what?!?!?!?!


  • txtnneon Amateur 29 posts since
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    202. Dec 11, 2011 2:10 PM (in response to Sylvia1960)
    C25K as a Weight Watchers Member

    Would love to get ths thread up and active again!!!


    I started WW first of August and since then have lost 43 pounds!!!  My goal s to lose 80. I started C25k and then started ove again at the beginning of Dec to start with a buddy. I did W3D2 today and will probably do it again.


    My biggest concern with C25K and WW is learning how to eat correctly so I continue to lose weight. Along with the c25k I do hot yoga 3 times a week. So I'm active 6-7 days a week. I'm starting weight training in January to get ready for a Warrior Dash in March. I'm really concerned about eating enough to keep losing. Any thoughts?????


    Thanks in advance!!!

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    Nov 12, 2011
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    203. Dec 11, 2011 7:00 PM (in response to Sylvia1960)
    Re: C25K as a Weight Watchers Member

    Where I work started a program similar to WW back in March.  The Nutritionists/Dieticians and Head of the Kitchen staff were responsible for getting it going.  12 weekly meetings and a monthly meeting for 6 months afterward.  Quite a few people joined but not all followed it through to the end, those folks lost over 800 lbs by week 11.  I did not find out what the total was for all 12 weeks.  I was one that did and have lost 40 lbs since then.  I had some family issues and bought a house during the summer(we moved ourselves) and did not get to work out much but still managed to lose 2 lbs in 3 months.  A couple of you already might be a little familiar with nme already from the 330 lb club posts.  Things are looking up and the scales are slowly going down.  They are thinking of offering the program again and if so I will be telling them about the C25K program and the forums here for those who might interested.  Because of all the good support from this work group, I entered my first half marathon and had a lot of fun so will be doing it again next year with many of the people from my group. 


    It's nice to see so much encouragement and friendliness here.  Kind of like our group from work.  Hope everyone is doing well.

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    35th Boilermaker 7/8/2012

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    204. Dec 15, 2011 1:24 PM (in response to x11b)
    C25K as a Weight Watchers Member

    I did WW along with c25k (and cycling, swimming, etc) - started back in 2007.  I lost 75 pounds and felt awesome!  Then I had two kids and gained more than half back but I'm back at and, once again, c25k was awesome!!

    My weight loss blog, pictures, etc (started in 2007):

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