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DoppelLaufer Turkey Bell Challenge

OK, OK we’re doing it again, you can stop the nagging now.  Yes, virtual racing is back!



Sorry to take so long for the announcement but some of us have been a little busy training for a marathon.


Holding to the firm belief that bigger is always better we’ve opened up the challenge to include races of any distance – 5k through Marathon – through the end of the year.  This would include everyone’s favorite Turkey Trots, Gobbler Runs, Jingle Bell Runs, Candy Cane Runs – you get the idea.

Where participation is high enough the coveted DoppelLaufer Virtual Trophy will be awarded for each distance.  Otherwise, the McMillan Calculator will be used to find the 5k equivalent for your finishing time in longer races and the results will be included in the 5k challenge.  If this is all Greek to you, don’t worry about it, we’ll take care of the math.


For those not in the know, these races are handicapped to equalize the participants so that runners of any ability have a shot at winning.  Our last race was won by WIguy with an actual 5k time of 24:20 and a handicap adjusted time of 13:44, achieved by beating his existing 5k PR (personal record) by over 6 minutes!  The complete results of our two prior events can be found here.


Here’s how to participate:


1.      Enter and run any race by the end of the year.  The challenge is open to races of any distance.  If participation is high enough we will award separate trophies for each distance.  If not, then we will use the McMillan Calculator to find the 5k equivalent for your race time and there will be a single award based on the equalized times.

2.      You can enter as many races as you like but only your best time will be used in the final results, or the best time at each distance if we are able award multiple trophies.  Standings and final results will be posted here, in the DoppelLaufer’s Good Natured Taunting and Race Reports Thread, and in my blog which can be accessed via the link in my sig.


3.      Enter by posting the name and location of your race and a recent 5k PR (personal record), here or in the DoppelLaufers Good Natured Taunting and Race Reports thread.  We do not want to penalize anyone who tore up the track in school, but who does not run at that same level now.  If this is your first race, simply take the best one mile split you have run in training and multiply by 3.1.  If you need help with this, please just ask.


4.      This is all for fun and based on the honor system.  The trophy and bragging rights are as virtual as the race, so please – NO SANDBAGGING.


5.      Results will be handicapped based on a recent 5k PR or the estimated PR using the ridiculously overcomplicated formula used in our last Doppel challenge.


6.      Post your race results in the in the DoppelLaufers Good Natured Taunting and Race Reports thread and if you like, give us a report about how the race went.  Your finishing time will be based on your chip time, if available, and will be adjusted based on your handicap.


7.      All entrants must have a sense of humor and a thick skin.  Good natured trash talking is encouraged.


8.      In the event of a tie – a virtual Thunderdome will be constructed.

9.      The winner will receive a virtual trophy, bragging rights and the ire of everyone whose butt they kicked.


These “rules” (for lack of a better term) are not set in concrete.  The race is quickly evolving so we will make adjustments as they become necessary.


We’ve actually been running this event informally for the past few weeks, so if you ran a race recently and would like to enter using that race performance, just post your results here.


I’ll try to get the early results posted by the end of this weekend.  It will help me take my mind off my taper.

2010 Space Coast Marathon 4:27:39

2011 Charleston Marathon 4:25:58

2011 Croom Fools Run 50k 6:16:51

2011 Marine Corps Marathon 4:24:48

2011 Jacksonville Bank Marathon 4:44:12 (4:45 Pace Leader)

2012 Florida Keys Ragnar Relay 28:20:47 (3rd place-Mixed Ultra)

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