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    Nov 4, 2010

    Have so much respect for you jasmine keep up the good work


    I am hoping to do my first triathlon next year

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    Jun 11, 2010
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    451. Nov 18, 2010 7:39 AM (in response to Wayna72)
    Re: Any other slow, overweight newbie triathletes?

    John 3:16 Mission 5k Run Report.


    Well guys, it was a long time coming, but life has been.... interesting.


    Earlier in the week, the weather forecast was pretty ominous.  I had been watching the weather as the forecasts became increasingly threatening.  By the Wednesday before the race, the forecast began to indicate storms for Friday and into Saturday morning, just in time to wash out our run.  I really wanted to run this race, so I began to pray that we'd catch a break.  Wayna was also planning to run the race, so we agreed that no matter what it looked like race day, we'd wait to make a decision as to whether or not we were going to race until we got to our parking spot.  Neither of us wanted to race in the rain.  But I was really wanting to run this race, as I had worked hard to prepare for it.  So, Wayna and I prepared for the race early, even down to a quick leg and foot massage (she's been a most wonderful girlfriend).  Then we grabbed breakfast as we normally do on race days.  We drove to our pre-planned parking spot across from my work and walked the 2 and a half blocks to the race registration tents.  It was cloudy and cool that morning.  But most importantly, no rain.  We met one of my church friends as we went to pick up our timing chips.  It was a good day to move.


    I had taken a look at the course a couple of times, what a nightmare it was going to be.  My previous 5k at the Tulsa Zoo had been a relatively flat course up til the end, when it had a few hills.  But this course was hills from the very start.  In fact, the start was uphill!  I decided as the gun went off that I was going to take it real easy on this course and conserve as much energy as I could.  This turned out to be a wise idea as I got my wheels turning, so to speak.  I made it up the starting hill without too much problem.  Wayna asked if I wanted her to stay with me, but I told her I didn't mind if she ran her own race and sent her to see what she could do on the hills.  Meanwhile, I just kept my own pace, walking for almost all of the first mile.  I did break out a run on the downhill of the first hill but it was short-lived.  I knew this course would eat my lunch if I put too much effort into running instead of just pacing myself for the long haul.  The secound hill was a viaduct over the railroad tracks and it was a very steep incline.  Going up it the first time wasn't too bad, though.  Knowing that I'd have to climb it again on the back side of the race was somewhat disheartening, however.  But I wasn't going to give up.  The race wound on through the streets of the northern part of downtown Tulsa, and I was still going.  I pasted the first water station, at about a mile and was still feeling pretty strong.  At the 2 mile water station, I had to take a short break.  I drank some gatorade and ate some gummys that I had brought with me for energy.  After about 90 seconds or so, I got back up and started going again.  It wouldn't be too far before it got to the easy part.  A fairly flat part of the course that wound through the Tulsa campus of OSU and down by the ballpark.  I made a brief stop in the middle of campus to adjust my shoe which had started causing me grief.  About that time, Kim, my friend from church, came up and stayed with me.  I got my shoe adjusted quickly and carried on.  But by the time I was on the other side of the ballpark, I was in sore need of stopping to rest again.  I finished my gatorade and Kim ran ahead to get me some water from the final water station.  I was up and going before she got back, and as I rounded the corner, I saw that she was coming back with Wayna.  I had to crack a smile.  It was wonderful to keep going with these two people at my side.


    Nearing the viaduct, I knew we were almost done, but I was beginning to tank.  I think the hills were just really wearing me out.  I felt fine, just no energy left.  Looking up ahead, at the base of the bridge was a most unexpected sight.  I had known that Danny and Sean had run the race with several others, but I had no idea that they would be coming back for people, much less myself.  They met us just before we got to the bottom of the bridge and we all started up it.  I got to the top and was completely out of gas, so I asked if they minded while I stepped over to the side.  Looking down on the train tracks, I said a little prayer.  I felt my energy start to come back and I stepped away from the side to get moving again.  Down off the bridge and then starting up the long, last hill to the finish line.  The entire way up, Danny and Sean were telling me what an inspiration I was...  Me?  I looked at them incredulously.  I mean here was Danny Cahill...  Winner of the Biggest Loser and the record holder for the largest percentage of weight loss...  And he has kept it off...  and yet I was an inspiration to him.  That blew my mind.  Danny took off one of his wrist bands and handed it to me.  It said Lose Your Quit.  I liked that.  He said that it was mine and he said it was also his website.  Finally, with everyone around me, we made it up the hill and rounded the last corner.  When we got to the last half block, I felt even more strength coming on and finished in an outright sprint to the finish line.  I felt strong as I had back when I was in the army.  Of course, that only lasted a few seconds before I was about ready to collapse.  Anyway, there was a lot of after race hoopla, but in the end, I felt invigorated by my run and my finish. I finished the race in 1 hour 32 minutes and 15 seconds.  That is almost 2 and a half minutes faster than my Zoo run time 3 weeks before!


    Now I am looking forward to my next run.  I will be doing the Jingle Bell run for Arthritis on December 11th, barring any bad weather.  I had thought it would be my last run for the year, but I may do the resolution run on the 31st...  It'll be both my last run of this year and my first run of next year.


    So there you have it.  A long time in coming, but hopefully worth it.

    Will Run 4 Food Fun Run (first run) - 1k-(19:46)  5Jun2010 472# | Tulsa Zoo Run 5k (first 5k - 1:34:38) -  2Oct2010 450# | John 3:16 Mission 5k (1:32:15) PR - 23 October 2010 448# | Run Into The New Year 5k (1:11:57) PR - 31 December 2010 427#

    UHC 2011 Indoor Triathlon - 13Feb2011 10 Min S - 291 meters, 30 Min B - 4.57 miles, 20 Min R - 0.96 miles. 

    - Total points accumulated was 113.2. Placed 3rd in Age Group: 40-49. 426#.

    Chili Day Indoor Triathlon - Mar 2011 S 300 yds(10:38 including T1), B 8 mi(22:02), R 2 mi(44:55) (Total Time 1:17:35) 426#

    St. Paddy's Day 5k 12 March 2011 (1:14:31) 425# | Race Against Racism 5k  30April

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    452. Jun 12, 2012 8:58 PM (in response to Jasmine1972)
    Any other slow, overweight newbie triathletes?

    I feel your pain. I am about 60 lbs over weight and just finished my second half marathon.. The first one I just wondered how I got through it.. lol The second a little easier, but was still sore for a few days. I didnt' really train for them properly. Now I am training for another half as well as a triathlon in oct.. wow. lol I really have to lose this weight too. I would love to be a support friend for you and recieve some support as well.. lol how did your first tri go? You sd you were competing june 5??? Danielle

  • FlyRn Rookie 1 posts since
    Jan 31, 2010
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    453. Jun 14, 2012 3:48 PM (in response to Packratt)
    Any other slow, overweight newbie triathletes?

    Im new to  the blog stuff and have been running/ walking for over a year now. You blog is very motivating.  I shared it with my friend who is just slowly starting to walk and it was a great inspiration to her, too. We are both slow and chunky. Started to feel like everyone else out their was slim and speedy I'm glad I found this link

    Keep up the good work looking forward to hearing about you next race

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