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  • LMWEL Pro 82 posts since
    Aug 27, 2009
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    15. Nov 25, 2010 1:07 PM (in response to Surfing_Vol)

    Hey Vol , I had a great race today despite my best efforts to sabotage myself . Ridgewood Turkey Trot , Raleigh NC. 8k . THREE THOUSAND plus people !! I'm extremely proud of my wife for competing , let alone finishing in less than an hour . I finished in 41:55 , about 35 seconds quicker than my goal . The course was surprisingly pleasant . I knew it was approximately 2.5 miles down hill and 2.5 back up . My wife and I talked about it after and we agreed that, it seemed like we descended 200 feet more than we climbed . Not Possible considering we finished where we started . I'm still waiting for the official results to be posted . I'd like to know where I finished, even though it's not supposed to matter .   Thanks again to all for your help and support .                 Happy Thanksgiving , Marc

    The Monster Dash 5k . Halloween day - 26:08

    The Ridgewood Turkey Trot 8k . Thanksgiving day - 41:57

    The Jolly Elf 5k Trail Run . Dec 11 - 26:09

    The Tobacco Road Half Marathon . March 20, 2011- 1:53.13

    The Triangle Orthopedic Sprint Triathlon . April 23, 2011- 1:21.53 / 5k- 25:48

    The White Lake International Triathlon . Sept 10, 2011- 2:59.45 / 10k- 56:27

    The Washington Half Iron Triathlon . Oct 29, 2011- 5:49.44 / 13.1mi- 2:09.23

    The Tobacco Road Marathon . March 18, 2012- 4:37.56

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  • blueditto Rookie 5 posts since
    Nov 25, 2010
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    16. Nov 25, 2010 3:33 PM (in response to Surfing_Vol)

    did my first 5k ever at 54 years old. ran approx 39 minutes and was very happy with it.  will know exact time once the site comes up.  this was the turkey trot in anaheim hills.  hoping to do a 10k next.  wish me luck

  • grid-rider Legend 235 posts since
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    17. Nov 25, 2010 4:16 PM (in response to LMWEL)

    We had 1390 and the start was a mess so I sprinted the first half mile (sometimes on the grass) Then they rushed us out before the football crowd arrived...PRed the race and the dinner Woo Hoo

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    Nov 8, 2010
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    18. Nov 26, 2010 10:44 AM (in response to Surfing_Vol)

    I did the turkey trot in cocoa and it was PACKED. over 900 people showed. the start was a disaster! kids, pets, strollers everywhere with no real start point. mayhem! within 50 ft, some kid darted across the entire field of runners, sending several sprawling onto the pavement. I ended up with two bloodied knees, and skinned palms. luckily people behind me grabbed me and pulled me to my feet(along with others) lest we be trampled by the 700 + peopel behind us!  I kept running and missed my goal time by about 24 seconds. rats!! now sporting two oozing nasty bandages but glad I completed it.

    they also had separate chutes for men, women and teams and you had to complete a card to get scored. no official times etc. odd.


    A nice touch was the faily just before the end passing out free mimosas!!     had I known there would only be water and nothing else available at the finish, I'd have grabbed a few.


    note to self: bring my own banana and cold water for afterwards next time.


    time: 31:12

  • Dreamstate Legend 278 posts since
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    19. Nov 28, 2010 6:04 PM (in response to LMWEL)

    Ran the Gobble Cobble 7k Turkey Trot in downtown Baltimore yesterday. I don't know the exact number but it looked like there were several hundred in attendance.  My time was NOT the greatest but I definitely wasn't at my best.  But I'm glad I showed up and I'm glad I finished.  I was hoping to finish in 00:43:00 minutes, but I finished in approximately 00:49:00 minutes instead (unofficial time).  This was my second race of all time and my first 4-mile race.


    I finally bought some running gloves so I was happy I had those.  I think I overdressed for the race though. It was about 34 degrees when we started, but as we went on, I wanted to take off the fleece jacket that I was wearing over my sweatjacket and sleeveless shirt.  I was instructed by family to wait to buy my proper cold gear (methinks Santa will bring me some for Christmas) so I had to improvise. I wore some old ballet tights under my leggings but those proved to be a nuisance halfway through.  They kept sliding down and I was way warmer than I wanted to be.  So needless to say, I was uncomfortable and couldn't get out of my head about it.


    It was rainy and cold and part of the course was on cobblestone (I guess that's where the "Cobble" part comes in).  Other than that, the rest of the course was pretty easy.    

    Completed Races 2012:

    Rock and Roll USA Half Marathon, 02:54:26 (1st run POST injury)

    Cherry Blossom 10-Miler, 01:49:00


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    Marine Corps Marathon, 10/28/12

    ING NYC Marathon, 11/4/12


    Personal Record from 2011:

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    Baltimore Half Marathon, 10/15/11, 02:24:15 (PR)

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    20. Nov 26, 2010 11:29 AM (in response to Surfing_Vol)

    I'm 25 years old and ran my first ever Turkey Trot yesterday in Philly, PA; it was great! I never ran a full 5 miles before, I only started running this summer and have 2 5K races under my belt but figured...why not? I got through it without walk breaks and my finish time was 47:34. I am super psyched. It was crowded but not too crazy and pretty well organized, though I wish they had more mile markers. Being a new runner, it was a bit tricky trying to pace myself without a clock and marker at each mile. But I got through it and can't wait to sign up for the next one!

    10/10/10: Philadelphia FOP Lodge Survivors Fund 5K (29:39)

    11/7/10: Philadelphia Free To Breathe Lung Cancer Awareness 5K (28:13)

    11/25/10: Philadelphia Fairmount Park 5 MILE Turkey Trot (47:33)

    12/12/10: Malvern Jingle Bell 5K (28:52)

  • JBP-DVM Pro 72 posts since
    Jul 23, 2010
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    21. Nov 26, 2010 2:54 PM (in response to Shoot4TheMoon)

    I ran my first half marathon yesterday in Atlanta GA.

    I started running mid July 2010.  I did the C25K program and got addicted.


    I told my family that I was going to change our Thanksgiving.  Told them to sign up for the 5K and I was going to do the 13.1


    My father (67), mother (65), sister (who has lost 36 lbs this year), my husband (40), my niece (13) and son (6) all ran/walked the 5K and had a blast.  My mom is tickled to death that she got 3rd in her age group and will get an award!   My son says he got first in his age group and I told him yes but there will be no award because no one less than 8 was supposed to run it!


    I was very nervous.  I had only done 2 10 mile long runs prior to this and I had done them with a friend who runs a much slower pace than me. (I'm no speed demon though!).  I was doing my visualizations/affirmations daily.  Then I went to the Expo for bib pick up (my first expo). I was quite intimidated.  Felt like there were all these "real" runners around and they were looking at me like some poser.  I treated myself to a new cold weather running shirt and a spi belt.  My husband said here's one and showed me a shirt with "13.1. Been there, run That."  I said, no better not jinx myself.


    I stopped at the pace team table.  I said this is my first time, I don't really know what this is.  He told me and said "What do you want to run?"  I said, I don't know 2:15-2:30  (I had written 2:30 on my application).  He gave me a 2:15 pace team bib.


    Morning of the race--12000 people there!!!  Oh no, I have only done 4 5k races and peed 3 times before each one.  Here there was a 20-person line in front of each portapotty! EEK.

    Got in the corral behind the 2:15 pace team and still felt like I stuck out like a sore thumb.  Positive thoughts. Positive visions.....


    The race was great.  Seeing the city of Atlanta by running.  I enjoyed it all, and tried to think on that as I ran.  I carried my ipod shuffle, but never took it out of the spibelt.  I took in all the fellow runners, all the spectators (BLESS YOU to the family that sang "Ain't nothin gonna break my stride, Ain't nothin' gonna slow me down" at mile 8), the fog around the tops of buildings.  I thanked God for allowing me to experience the race, as a busy self employed person, as a mom, as a wife, as a 6 year cancer survivor.


    Mile 9 got mentally tough.  Doubts crept in.  I pushed them away.  I fell behind the pace team, but kept chugging.


    A good friend met me at the end of mile 10 and ran with me.  She said, don't worry about talking, you're doing great.  I was so happy to see her.  My husband joined us at the end of mile 12.  Oh, wow at the hills at the last couple miles of this course!! Rolling?  No.  Steamrolling?  Yes!


    They told me the finish line was just ahead.  Then hubby said, it's 2:30, you've got this.  And I took off at a sprint.  I finished at 2:30:38, but was ECSTATIC to see my chip time posted later at 2:20!!!


    When I received my medal it felt like the heaviest most awesome thing in the world.  I felt like crying I was so happy.  I thanked my friend and husband and told them how much it meant to me for them to help those final miles.


    Things I did right?  gummy chews and beans.  They helped.  I tried to hit all the water stations.  Missed one and was upset!


    Things I did wrong?  Who knows?  It was a learning experience, exhilarating and humbling.


    Grateful for the running community, happy to be here, and had the best Thanksgiving ever.  And proud that I can walk today!!

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    23. Nov 26, 2010 6:10 PM (in response to Surfing_Vol)

    Well, I'm not ready yet to do a 5k.  I'm still very new at running and just coming off a knee injury = however my goal is to do a 5K in the spring, maybe March or April.  There is a new runner course coming up in my area that is sponsored by the running club in my town.  Class fee includes registration for a 5K, so I may go for that.  I know I can walk a 5K in around 45 minutes, but I don't want to do that - I want to run!  and never fear - when I finally do one I'll be posting all over the place


    Kristy in NC

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    24. Nov 26, 2010 8:23 PM (in response to Surfing_Vol)

    Hi Folks,


    First, to everyone who participated in a Turkey Trot, hats and headbands off to you all. Yesterday, I discovered that we are a rare and slightly insane bunch, and I am proud to be part of it.


    As this was my first Turkey Trot, it decided to snow. While I have no control over Mother Nature, in the past (where I live), you can usually step out on Thanksgiving morning in a T-shirt and shorts.  Not this year. When I looked outside I honestly thought “Sane people would go back to bed.”  I laced up my shoes, put away my visor, and pulled out a headband.


    We had a balmy 28 degrees with a wind chill of minus 8 or so, therefore it felt like more like oh, 18 or 19? I mention this only because I had been training outside to prepare for this, but this was first morning the mercury decided to drop by twenty degrees.  This may not be a big deal for veterans, but for a newbie like me, it was freezing.


    That left me with a small dilemma: How to dress?  I suggest the following technique for warm up and to check to see if you are properly dressed for the conditions:


    1. Dress in the minimum layers you think you might need.
    2. Stretch. This step is optional but highly recommended.
    3. Step out the front door to retrieve the newspaper from the driveway.  Be sure to leave the door open.
    4. Swear as your sweet little kitty races out the door.
    5. Spend 10 minutes playing “Here-I-Am, No-Wait-Here-I-am!” with said sweet little kitty as she dodges under cars and hides beneath a rosebush, close enough to touch, but too far to grab.
    6. Your synapses should thaw and it will occur to you to use psycho kitty’s favorite toy to lure her into your clutches.
    7. Sweet Kitty morphs into Devil Kitty in your hands and you manage to get both of you into the house before you sustain severe bodily harm.  DK wasn’t done playing her game yet.
    8. Once safely inside, adjust layers as needed.  If you are still unsure, repeat steps 1-6.


    As for the race, it went well. Except for the sand. I’ve never run in sand before.  When the race started, I heard someone comment that the trail was frozen.  The course looped through a section that had thawed and it had sand that was 2-3 inches deep.  Adds a new layer of character to my shoes. Or one can think of it as training for Black Friday. You have to be prepared to dodge shopping carts and flying blenders.


    I enjoyed being out there and I’m still waiting for the official results.  I figure I came in at around 47 to 49 minutes for the 4 mile Turkey Trot. Next year, or perhaps next cold weather race I do, I will make sure I have some warm Gatorade waiting.  It was nice of the race organizers to provide it.

    "Action is eloquence." William Shakespeare, English dramatist & poet  (1564 - 1616)

  • Lola67 Pro 69 posts since
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    25. Nov 26, 2010 7:31 PM (in response to JBP-DVM)

    Great job to all of you who have completed a Turkey Trot this year, I can't wait to do my first 5k!


    JPB-DVM-Thank you for sharing your experience it is so inspiring! What great support from your family too!

    Started CT5K 10.18.2010

    Graduated 12.27.2010

    1st 5K 01.29.2011 PR 00.33.40

  • PowerRuff Amateur 35 posts since
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    26. Nov 26, 2010 10:00 PM (in response to Surfing_Vol)

    This was my first Turkey Trot, it  received a pretty good turnout, over 2 thousand people ( considering it was 14 degrees without windchill ) When I rounded the final turn and could see the time clock I was thrilled, excited, shocked, ,I couldn't believe it, it was showing a time 2 minutes less then my normal 5k time made even more incredible since the entire route was on hills! After the race was finished they announced that there was an error made by the motorcycle guide and that the course we ran was really only 2.82 miles :( It was still a fun race, and seeing the lil kids all bundled up and getting there awards was so cute...but I cant lie it stunk finding out that I hadn't improved that much, o well maybe next time ;)


  • Kristy Burleyson Pro 62 posts since
    Oct 18, 2010
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    27. Nov 27, 2010 5:20 AM (in response to JBP-DVM)

    What an awesome post about your first 13.1.  I felt like I was there with you.  Kudos to your hubby and friend to run with and encourage you the last several miles.  Brought tears to my eyes.  Congratulations on this HUGE accomplishment!

  • charles216 Rookie 4 posts since
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    28. Nov 27, 2010 6:23 AM (in response to Surfing_Vol)

    I have to say that this was the best mornings I have had in a long time patricipating in my 2nd Turkey Trot,     But First time Running in Elkhart In  And completing the whole course without stopping,  I just had that mind set that I wanted to do it for me and Thanks to  those Three young ladies  that kept that wonderful pace the whole time gave me the inspiration to keep going.    My first Trot in Niles last year was a 5-K Power Walk and new to exercising, New girlfriend insisted so we did had a time of 48 mins.       This year 5-K Run Had a Pace of 11:02M it also said overall 155 not sure what that is but my age bracket placed 6th only 6 on sheet  not everyone purchase a time chip, I'm very happy that I had the chance to participate in the Faith Mission Turkey Stampede it's all about Helping people Thanks from a First timer here Charles.

  • charles216 Rookie 4 posts since
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    29. Nov 27, 2010 6:30 AM (in response to PowerRuff)

    Not everyone has a Mountain in there back yard.  Have a great day.

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