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Dec 3, 2010
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Dec 3, 2010 5:07 PM

New guy, beginning runner.  Few questions??

My name is John, from Florida.  I'm a 33 year old guy who is at 250, down from 265 a month ago and has just started running over the last 3 weeks.  Was doing about 2-3 miles every other day walking and jogging.  Everything was great till I ran the other night.  I woke up and my left knee was kinda sore.  I wrapped it and iced it that night and it was fine.  I took another day off and then ran again, for a short distance of 1.8 miles.  About 2-3AM that next morning my other knee started killing me.  Which brings me to this day.  Knee is hurting, ibuprofin kills the pain, and I am wrapping it and icing it, but this is kinda frustrating.  I want to get out there and run,  but I don't want to further damage my knee, and it hurts too much to run.  I think the pain will subside, but Its hard to gain more distance over time with injuries like this.  I am using Run Keeper to track my progress for the first month, then I will start the C25K program, as I have signed up for the FL January 29th Warrior Dash.  I used to be in great shape 9 years ago and want to get back there utilizing running as my cardio.  I have some Saucony shoes that seem to support me well, and have not been pushing myself too much (in my opinion), but would like to progress a little faster without these roadblocks.


Any suggestions as far as the knee pain, or do you think I am pushing too far too fast?


This is a great forum as far as I can see from reading some threads over the last 2 weeks.


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    1. Dec 3, 2010 5:37 PM (in response to john51277)
    Re: New guy, beginning runner. Few questions??

    Where is your knee hurting?  Front, back, outside, inside.

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    3. Dec 3, 2010 6:34 PM (in response to john51277)
    Re: New guy, beginning runner. Few questions??

    first off- I am also in Fl (Tampa) and have been toying with the warrior dash...  it just looks too insane and fun to pass up!


    second- I also suffer from knee pain.  I don't know where yours is, but if it feels behind and almost under the knee and you feel a pressure there and on the sides when you run, it will be similar to mine.  I have been in therapy for it, since I want to run more and was concerned about injuring myself to the point of sitting out.  a lot of what I do in therapy is to strengthen the muscles supporting the knees- while I have been active, I just picked up running a couple months ago.  I do a lot for my quads, and hamstrings.  another thing is alignment and form.  lastly, good stretching...  I am a big supporter of a foam roller to help with this.  aside from the slight cmp, I also have a tight IT band which pulls the knee.  using the foam roller really helps.  my therapist even suggested using a rolling pin since it's not as awkward to position and use as the roller, and he was right!  I even used it in the car on the way to my last race...  (I was not driving!)


    hope some of these tips help.  I know it's soooooooooooo frustrating to be injured and the thought of sitting out just stinks.  especially after starting off so well and getting into running.


    good luck!

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    4. Dec 3, 2010 6:42 PM (in response to john51277)
    Re: New guy, beginning runner. Few questions??

    From your brief description, these sound like a couple of classic running overuse injuries: Chondromalacia patella (runner's knee) for the left knee, and pes anserine bursitis for the right knee. See these articles, for example, for more info on symptoms, causes and treatment:


    Pes anserine bursitis:

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    6. Dec 3, 2010 8:21 PM (in response to john51277)
    Re: New guy, beginning runner. Few questions??

    Hit them hard with NSAIDS around the clock and give them enough rest to get better.  I had knee problems, same as in your right and didn't rest it enough.  Ended up unable to run for two weeks.  I finally have no pain and now am struggling to find my motivation.  It got lost somewhere in the process.

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    7. Dec 4, 2010 9:29 AM (in response to john51277)
    Re: New guy, beginning runner. Few questions??

    Running in the wrong type of shoes can most definitely contribute to knee pain.  I recommend going to a running specialty store -- ask an employee to get fitted for a proper pair of shoes.  They will be expensive, but it'll be worth it.

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