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Mar 15, 2009
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Mar 17, 2009 3:08 PM

I have horrible posture are there any exercises I can do to make it better?


So I have horrible bad that everyone comments on it.  I hunch my shoulders up close to my ears at night and during the day.  I slouch all the time!  I have a few back problems.  I went to physical therapy when I was younger but never kept up with it.  Are there any exercises I can do to keep my shoulders back and down?  I'm really determined to do this not only for my health but to stop the comments and to better myself. Any suggestions will help.  Thank you so much






Madelyn Kay



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    Pose of the Month: Bow Pose


    We've got a bunch of other related articles on our Mind & Body channel:


    I look at the ab muscles and lower-back muscles as complimentary, much the same as the chest muscles and upper back muscles. It's important to strength-train both equally as to prevent over-development of one over the other. If your posture is that of forward slouching, then it might be good to start strengthening your lower and upper-back muscles to pull your torso back and more upright.


    Pose of the Month: Plank Pose This one here might be a great place to start. Have you ever looked into trying yoga, like in a class?

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    Oct 27, 2009

    Hi! I realize that this is an old thread but feel compelled to answer since this was a serious longstanding problem of mine.  I also had a perpetual slouch and my shoulders were always up around my ears.  I tried all sorts of exercises (ballet, Pilates, stretches, weights...) and just never felt as though i was getting anywhere.  I developed terrible back and neck pain....and was also sick of the comments and exhortations to "stop slouching."   I finally tried a chiropractic adjustment called Atlas Adjustment-- the "Atlas" vertebra is the very top one directly beneath the skull. Mine turned out to be very far out of position/subluxated. This adjustment has given me a totally new new neck and lease on life.  i can sit and stand up straight for the fist time in years--possibly my entire life. I now realize that it had been physically impossible for me NOT to slouch as long as this vertebrae was out. After years of trying all sorts of exercises, I've finally been able to stop slouching. Best wishes to you!

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    Posture depends all on your muscles.  Your Core (might here that in many places) is the most important thing

    in your everyday life.

    Core consists of your abdominal area, to the sides and wraps around to your lower back (Lumbar Area).

    -Crunches working on slowly returning to the ground with fast contraction on the way up

    -Front, Side Planks (fore arm Bridges) are the best for shaping your core

    -Super Mans (on your stomach lifting your arms straight infront and both legs behind you at the same time)

    -Medicine Ball- Side twists in a lunge position


    There are so many different exercises that I can go on for days.  I would do research on line and

    ask active gym goers for more detailed specifics.


    If you can't find any or have trouble just shoot me an email

    and I can work on a workout program for your to start strengthening.


    Hope this works out for you

    Matthew Olaya


    Matthew Olaya

    Personal Trainer

    Huntington Beach California

    -B.S. Kinesiology

    -NASM Cert.

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    Sep 25, 2010

    What can you say about pilates? They say it not effectively corrects posture but it also tones and lengthens and muscle. Haven't tried because I have yet to go to the doctor to ask if such exercises are good for me. Your thoughts on this please.    

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  • ceback01 Rookie 1 posts since
    Dec 21, 2010

    I think stretching is the best way...

    but check this out Energy Medicine

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