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Oct 23, 2007
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Jan 8, 2011 5:57 AM

A year with this!

I need help! I have been dealing with this pain for to long. It is on the outside of my right foot located on the back of the heel. I had an MRI and the Dr. said it had fluid and micro tears where the AT and heel meet. The fluid was almost everywhere in the ankle he also saw a bone spur on the back of my heel, foot, ankle. Heat helps it, ice helps it but what I would like is to get rid of it altogether. What do I need to do? I will do what ever it takes. It all started with the five finger shoes!!!

  • lenzlaw Community Moderator 10,539 posts since
    Jan 18, 2008
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    1. Jan 8, 2011 6:21 AM (in response to Angel Kitty)
    Re: A year with this!

    I'm no expert (there are lots better on here) but I'll give you my two cents.  Is the pain actually at the very back of the heel, where it turns to go up to the ankle?  The bone spur could be causing most of the pain.  Heel pads may help.  Are you a heel-striker?  I had pain at the back of my heel (not plantar fasciitis, though my podiatrist was convinced it was).  I "fixed" the problem by changing, over many months, from heel-striking to a midfoot plant.




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    3. Jan 11, 2011 7:41 PM (in response to Angel Kitty)
    Re: A year with this!



    If you've posted this question/situation on then you've already seen my answer.     The description here is remarkably simialar to a posting there.  But on the chance you haven't posted on - you might check out ASTYM.  ASTYM is administered by certified PTs.  The technique involves scraping the skin with plastic instruments.  The scraping causes micro trauma to the tissue underneath - causing the body to go into healing mode so the tissue can be remodeled and rebuilt.  From what I understand the technique works very well on tendons.  I had it done for Plantar Fasciitis and it worked very well.


    Good luck.



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    4. Feb 2, 2011 12:43 PM (in response to Angel Kitty)
    Re: A year with this!

    I had the exact same problem with this for two years on my left heel.  I am a normal heel stricker however.  It took the doctor a long time to finally figure out what was wrong after I went through 8 months of physical therapy.  What I had was a small bone spur right where the tendon connected to the heel.  Very difficult to see on the MRI since there was a lot of calcification.  Over time it was damaging my AT and the tendon started calcifying from repeated damage.  It was very similiar to bursitis and the only way it got fixed was through surgery.  Unfortunately I dealt with the pain for a couple of years and it caused a lot of damage.  The doctor did surgery and removed a center portion of my tendon and cleaned out any potential bone spurs in the area.  He said it wasn't an obvious bone spur but was in the worst location.  I went through 4 months of physical therapy afterwords and I am at exactly 2 years from my surgery today.  I was just able to run a half marathon in November and I am shooting for a marathon in May.  The recover process has taken a long time.  It still hurts on occasion and gets very tight.  So, lots of stretching still and working to rebuild my calf muscles.  It is hard to believe how much you lose when going through this and how hard it is to come back.


    Best of luck to you.

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    5. Mar 13, 2011 4:22 AM (in response to Angel Kitty)
    Re: A year with this!

    I have something similar in my left foot which my Dr insists is PF but is not at all similar to the PF I've had in the past.  I have pain/ache around the outside and inside of my heel.  Right under my heel, something pops while walking (you can actually hear it popping) and my ankle cracks nonstop.  Any ideas?  Haven't run since July 2010.  Doing P90X now which only stresses my foot on yoga days.  Thanks for any input

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