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Jan 16, 2011 9:58 PM

Can I run a half?

I've done C25K and enjoyed (most of) it. It was a challenge for me but a goal that I was able to complete and finishing that race was an awesome feeling. That was a year ago and time restraints kind of put a damper on my running since then. I tried to start up again late last year but just couldn't. Now I'm motivated to take it slow and to train for a half (my long term goal). I am looking at a 12 week plan (though I am planning on it taking a bit longer than 12 weeks). I don't have fancy running gear (nor can I afford that at this point and I'm not entirely interested in my pace time etc). This is just something I'd like to accomplish Any newbies out there that have completed a half successfully? My main goal is to perhaps run in the Disney half next January but we'll see how this goes. Any advice is appreciated as I am not in the best shape right now (definitely not your lean, average runner). Thanks!!

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    1. Jan 17, 2011 6:06 AM (in response to Ams86)
    Re: Can I run a half?

    It can be done-and certainley it can be done more successfully than I did it.

    I went from starting C25K to a Half- in about 53 weeks

    age 48


    many years in physically demanding construction trade

    If I had to do it over again- I would take 2 years to do it


    among my mistakes was-about 15 weeks prior to the Half- I was running 3-4 miles on tues./thurs.-and about 6 miles on  sunday. I figured I could just gradually extend the long run out.

    Once I got above 10 miles or so for the long runs-------- shin problems began to crop up

    and- at that time I had not yet taken steps to correct the weight situation adequately

    so on race day  I was pretty dinged up-and I pretty much limped from mile 2 to the finish line- but I did it.


    no where near my target time- but at the finish line I decided I would run it next year 30 minutes faster and 30# lighter(my personal 30/30 challenge)


    I have made an excellent dent in the weight situation and have a good routine that is working well for me


    I am working at building up my base better. currently running indoors at 4-5 miles every other day-and lifting weights on the days I don't run.


    Late march I will return to running outdoors-my week day runs will be just over 5 miles-and I will begin extending the long week end run out about 1/2 mile every other week or so.

    I don't plan to take my training runs much beyond 10 miles-and I will have about 6 months to extend the long run slowly from 5 miles to 10 miles.

    I am really super focused on food intake right now-what and how much I take in-and I gotta say  I am quite confident that I will have more than dropped the 30#- and I believe at 30# lighter-and not limping- the 30 minutes will take care of themselves.

    VERY best wishes to you-take it slow


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    2. Jan 17, 2011 8:31 AM (in response to Ams86)
    Re: Can I run a half?

    Sure you can do it:)  I started c25k about a year ago....ran 4 5ks, a 6k, a 10-mile trail run and a working for back-to-back 1/2s.....I am in my late 40s, overweight, and was not very active prior to I am just running 30-45 minutes 3 times a week with a long run every other week.  I did join Team in Training for the motivation for the long runs.   It has really made a big difference.  What half are you aiming for?

    12/20/2009  Ellis Equestrian 5k   0:40:24.9  3rd in age group

    1/24/2010   Frosty 5k    36:30

    2/13/2010  Winter Wildlife 6k trail run  58 minutes

    3/6/2010  Miller Park 5k run  36:34.8

    1009/2010  Farmdale 10 mile trail run   2 hours 34 minutes 15seconds

    11/06/2010  Hot Chocolate 15k run with Team in Training  1 hr 58 min 05 sec

    12/19/2010  Ellis Equestrian 5k  0:40:52.9

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    3. Jan 17, 2011 9:06 AM (in response to Ams86)
    Re: Can I run a half?

    Sure you can do it, you just have to decide you want to and commit youself to it.   You don't need fancy running gear, except shoes, make sure you have a good pair of running shoes, and they need replacing when worn out.  Find a Novice plan, Hal Higdon's has one, but you have plenty to pick from that are free.  As a novice you don't need to go over 10 miles for your long runs save that extra 3.1 for the race.  One thing that is for sure, runners come in all sizes, shapes, ect, but weight does matter.  Enjoy yourself and try to make it a lifetime activity, we are all busy all of us can find time in our day if we look hard!

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