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  • janeava Amateur 31 posts since
    Jan 14, 2011

    Hi guys!


    I finished W4D3 today at the track and I feel GREAT!!! I can't believe it really got easier as the week progressed. I thought I was going to die in W4D1!! And today wasn't a breeze, but It was't torture and I got through it. I think W5D1 with all the 5 min runs will be do able, but the 8 min then the 20 MINUTE AHHHH. I'm thinking I need to add some new music to the playlist to keep me going and from getting bored. Maybe some Heavy Metal?! Hahaha.


    Shorty- What happened to our rock? Take your own advice would ya. You had a bad day now take that 20 minutes and kick its ***! ; )


    Keep running people. We can DO IT!! and we will.



  • BobB44 Amateur 30 posts since
    Dec 31, 2010

    I did my W4D3 at a rec center on an 1/8 mile track.  Overall the run was good.  I felt better than the other 2 days of W4.  I was expecting to not have a good day since I ran 2 days in a row.  I did not know the distance.  I tried to think about landing without as much impact.  Now 2 days off with some R & R, stretching and watch some football.


    Shorty the next time a run is not going well, think that you are the Steelers playing the first half of the game against the Ravens.  The second half (the rest of the run) just has to get better.


    Jane great job with W4.  We are ready for week 5.


    Have a great weekend everyone and try to stay warm.




  • Pam0703 Amateur 12 posts since
    Jan 6, 2011

    Today I did W3D2 and although it was difficult for me I am so happy I hung in there!!  I was surprised Wednesday how much harder the 3 minute runs were for me.  Today my calves were pretty sore during the runs but not afterwords right knee is still a bit sore but it didn't bother me at all during the runs.


    I am so thankful for everyone here, it really helps keep me on track and inspires me!!


    Have a great weekend!!

  • irishrn1 Expert 53 posts since
    Jan 7, 2011

    Hi, everyone-

      Great job-I decided to run after work today rather than trying to get up tomorrow before work and I am NOT a morning person! Did okay though I had a stitch in my side for the first time-may have been trying to go too fast. I slowed down and that helped. Also gave myself a jump start and finished with one of the 3 minute runs on track for next week. That went okay-but I agree with everyone saying I cannot imagine a 20 minute run at this point! Shorty, glad to hear you're going to kick butt this weekend-don't get discouraged, remember we are all here to support each other and get each other through it!

      John, Jeneava, you guys are doing great, you're my inspiration for the coming weeks!

      Bertay, 40 is pretty balmy compared to the 20 below with wind chill we're getting here!

      Happy running everyone and hang in there--GO BEARS! And I have to say, rooting for the Steelers too, Shorty-my hubby's from NY so we have a friendly rivalry going there!


  • ojay34 Amateur 35 posts since
    Dec 20, 2010

    Wooohoooo!  W5D2 is done!  Felt like I wore lead shoes on the first 8min run and I had to push myself a bit to keep running and I did.  My delayed delivery of energy arrived at the end of the recovery walk.  The second 8min run was fabulous.  My body began to recall my running pattern and style from my Army days.  Felt SOOOO good.  All in all, it was a good run.  I was still hankering to do more so I took my dogs on a little walk and threw a little jog in there.  On another topic, I notice that my weight has not dropped in two weeks now.  My friend mentioned (without prompting) that I look ‘skinnier.’  Aside from the c25k, I attend a total body/cardio fitness camp on Tu/Th. I am adding exercise rules into my daily routines (i.e. 15 ‘girl’ pushups every time I get out of bed).  I’ve got a few things in mind to help me drop weight so I can see better numbers on the scale.  Errrr.  Quidna – way to use those muscles!  You’re doing great! Bertay – congrats on your 20min run!  Thanks for helping me get my head in the game before the run even begins.  Traci – how’d your run go? Way to go Janeva!  Kicking butt and taking names, are you?  :) My dear friends who are looking ahead and letting those longer runs freak you out a little – (softly said) stop it.  We are so strong!  Our bodies are actually longing for these challenges, it’s our perceptions that roadblock us.  For example, today I did my first 8min run.  Compared to running my marathon this fall, that’s a HUGE difference!  This is where I get to choose the perception that supports me completing the marathon rather than blowing it.  This is my year for total fearlessness! Let’s use any measure of fear as energy and momentum to do better on our next run.  Let me ask you something – what would you do if fear wasn’t a factor?  You’d approach 5min runs like they were nothing, 20min runs like they were very doable, and a 5k like an afternoon stress break.  And everyone would be fun!  Our minds would wander and float to the things we like the best.  We might even problem-solve or tap into our creativity on our runs.  Ladies and gentlemen, young and younger, those of us at our ideal fitness and weight (and those on their way there), we will do this (together)!!!  Fearlessly! So what’s everyone else doing? O.Jay

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  • mammotech425 Amateur 22 posts since
    Jul 8, 2010

    Ok Week 2 has bit the dust!!

    Worked today, so did a 5:15 am run again-not so bad-I have a feeling next week will not be as easy!!


    Just wondering-what do you all do for exercise on alternate days?

    I am trying to lose weight and know the 30 minute work out is not enough, but I want to stay on the program so I don't burn out or overdo it


    Any suggestions would be great


    Enjoy your weekend


    GO STEELERS!-Sorry from New York, but I  am married to a die hard Steelers Fan:)



  • irishrn1 Expert 53 posts since
    Jan 7, 2011

    Hi, all-

      Ojay, run went well, just a little tired. Thanks for your great encouraging posts!

      Mammotech, I do the stationary (Or regular bike when it's nice). I feel the lack of impact is best since the other cardio days are the runs. Don't forget to do a littlw weights as well-I do this 3 times a week to keep toned.

      A lot of people are fans of the elliptical as well, but I actually find it harder than running!

      Good luck to your Steelers--and my Bears! Have a great Sunday!


  • johnmcc22 Pro 100 posts since
    Mar 15, 2010

    Today I finished W4D3, went better than expected, I felt great the entire time, was in shock lol..I usually do a longer run on the last one, so this time I did just that and went 8 minutes to get ready for next week, the last minute was a struggle but I got thru it. Killed myself in the gym today, all told between the elliptical and treadmill I burned slightly over 1,100 calories today, (550 elliptical and 585 treadmill), but probably ate most of it tonight as we went to Famous Daves, had great ribs and pulled pork along with a few beers.


    Have a great weekend everyone!

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  • MizT Amateur 22 posts since
    Jan 15, 2011

    Hello everyone,  I've not been on the forum much this weekend but I see you are all doing really well.


    Shorty how are you getting on?  can't wait to hear your report, go get that run done.


    Week 6 Day 1 for me tomorrow, looking forward to the intervals again.  Not looking forward to day 3 as that is the end of the intervals and it's long non stop runs.  I just hope I can do it.

    Small steps lead to great things.
    Walk before you jog, jog before you run, once you can run you are free.
  • BobB44 Amateur 30 posts since
    Dec 31, 2010



      I saw where you said you would be running in 10 degrees weather.  My place said -5 degrees this morning.  Good luck on your run. Keep warm. Bob

  • janeava Amateur 31 posts since
    Jan 14, 2011

    Whoot Whoot!!


    W5D1 done... and done at 19 degrees and with wind chill of -5. Yup, it went pretty well considering. 8 min up next time. Thinking i'll do just fine. 20 min on Friday is still looking daunting. Yikes!!


    Shorty, so nice to see your mood change from last week!! VERY encouraging. Thank you for kicking 20 minutes a**. Let it know i'm coming for it soon... Haha!


    Ojay, You Rock!! I really enjoyed your last post!


    Keep running!!



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