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Mar 11, 2010
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Jan 22, 2011 1:16 PM

Who's better, Derrick Rose or Rajon Rondo? **GIVEAWAY** ends 1/26

Both Derrick Rose and Rajon Rondo are very very good point guards. Read this little comparison of the two: then tell me who you think is better and why. I'm curious as to what you guys see as "better". I will pick one person who I feel presents the best argument and give them a Better Ball Handling dvd from Better Basketball. It gives you tons of drills and tips for perfecting the #1 skill a point guard should have, ball handling. Have fun!

  • ToughD Legend 502 posts since
    May 11, 2010

    Alright, so I'm from Illinois so I might be a little bit biased, but I'll try my best to be fair.


    Rondo is quick, a great defender, passing, finesse, athletic, and great at rebounding. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think I remember in the 2010 NBA Finals vs. the Lakers he had like 13 rebounds. That's pretty good, but for a point guard! That's incredible. But one weakness I have seen is he doesn't take open jumpers. He could be wide open from 17 feet out and he doesn't shoot it. And against a good, quick defender, he can't really do much but rack up assists. And unlike Rose, I don't think he really TAKES OVER. You can't really take over by passing. Yeah, it gets the fans up when he does a half court alley oop to Shaq, but when the game's on the line, he's not the one that you want to have the ball.


    Rondo: as of January 20, 2011

    PPG: 10.7

    RPG: 4.6

    APG: 13.2

    EFF: +21.8


    Career highs:

    Points: 32

    Rebounds: 15

    Assists: 24

    Steals: 7


    Rose is quick, athletic, a great scorer, and now, a great outside shooter. It seems like every night he is getting 30,40 points. He has only had one triple double, but he actually takes over. In previous years, he would just drive to the rim and use his athletic ability. Now, with the game on the line, you can expect him to hit a 3. He doesn't have any rings, but Rondo has been in the league for 2 more years than Rose. Unlike previous years, I think we can all agree that the Bulls are serious title contenders this year.


    Rose: as of January 20, 2011


    PPG: 24.7

    RPG: 4.7

    APG: 8

    EFF: 23.41


    Career highs:


    Points: 39

    Rebounds: 12

    Assists: 14

    Steals: 6




    Points/Pure Scoring Ability: Rose

    Assists/Passing and Corut Vision: Rondo

    Rebounding: Rondo

    Court Presence: Rose


    If you had asked this question say a year ago, I would've said Rondo in a heartbeat. But this year, Rose is making a strong showing for Most Improved Player and even MVP. (I'm not sure if you're allowed to win both) So to sum it all up, I gotta say Rose. I'm out.

    Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard.

    - Kevin Durant

  • adanny14 Legend 590 posts since
    May 20, 2010

    I get asked this question a lot, and to be honest, it's hard to compare them. Rose is obviously more of a pure scorer, and lets face it Rondo is a pure passer. 24 assists in one game is INCREDIBLE. Something that not to many people point out is that Rondo has had  great success in the playoffs, while Rose hasn't gotten past the first round. While that might change this season, we don't know. Also, Rondo has had a better supporting cast. Think about it. Garnett, Perkins, Shaq, Allen, Pierce, and more. Rose has had Noah and Boozer and they have barely played together! It's so hard to pick. I think I would have to say Rose, and here's why. Rose has improved SO much and like ToughD said is a major MVP canadite although I think Durant will win MVP. If the Bulls can stay healthy, they should make it far into the playoffs, and for all we know the Celtics and Bulls might meet up somewhere in there. So FINAL ANSWER: DERRICK ROSE.

  • tylervaupel Rookie 4 posts since
    Jan 21, 2011

    I say rose beacuse of his ability to see the whole floor while driving... his ability to penetrate and dish is amazing... rondo can flat out pass... find open men and finish extremely well at the rim...rose has a better shot than rondo and ability to make that last second shot... rondo has better d than rose... rondo hustles and never gives up... its a tough decision but the edge  goes to rose

  • CourtHero Amateur 29 posts since
    Jun 25, 2010

    i hav 2 agree wit Tough D. ikno dat evry1 thinks dat Rondo is amazing but hav u evr noticed that wen he goes up 4 a layup, he doesnt puts it up REALLY hard an misses allot? hes practically throwingh a pass off da backboard wen he does a layup!!! Rose has made an impressive comeback. he has amped up his game in ways that if we would hav heard ppl talking bout a couple yrs ago, we wouldve thought dat they wer crazy am i right? so until Rondo can step it up in his own way, i would hav 2 say Derrick Rose

  • RoyShavit Amateur 29 posts since
    May 3, 2010

    In my opinion i think Rajon Rondo is a better Point Guard then Derrick Rose, and this is why.

    In my opinion, a point guard should be a floor general. he needs to create opportunities for his team mates and when needed to get to the room. Rondo has that ability. When he needs to score, he can score, maybe not as a shooter but he will find his options.


    Derrick Rose on the other hand, is one of my favorite players, he can flat out score the basketball. He can find his team mates. He's fast. But he simply does not have the passing ability of a point guard like rondo which is one of the most important things you need as a point guard.


    Derrick Rose, if he played in the shooting guard position, he would be one of the best SG's in the game.


    In their current position of point guard, i think rondo gets the edge.

  • BigPD Amateur 25 posts since
    Jan 16, 2011

    We can say Rose is far more aggressive player in means to get to the hoop than Rondo. Rondo cares a lot more about passing to his teammates at the right moment to score and looks for assists and defense, while Rose is score. So, I think that if I was in a draft and I had to choose one of these two for Point Guard, it would be Rondo, as he dishes more than shoots.
    And, as final "proove", in the playoffs Rose didn't handle the Cavs and lost 4-1, while Rondo mades a burst of 29 points, 18 rebounds and 13 assists and lead the Celtics to the Conference Finals with a 4-2 lead. So I think it's more clear Rondo.

  • Phenom70 Legend 574 posts since
    Jul 27, 2010

    I'll talk about being a true PG first.... Rondo does it better, though, because he looks for his teammates just about every play, and knows when to pick his spot. But, he does that because he's not an offensive threat as far as scoring or shooting the ball, but his abilities to set up the other threats on his team gives him a chance to get easy baskets as well. Rose is fast, and agile, and athletic, that he can use his strength and speed to get himself to any spot on the floor, which can help him score and get his teammates scoring opportunities. Where as Rondo, he's so deceptive as a PG should, and lengthy as well, and has great court vision, that he's the prototypical PG. But, at the end of the day, Rose is the bigger scoring threat, which the great PG's are. Nash can shoot and operate his team, and Rose can do the same. He's a different breed of PG. One of the gifted, athletic, quick scoring threats, who is working constantly to become a better shooter. Offensively,  Rose has Rondo's number. No question about it.


    Defensively, Rondo is over Rose though, because Rondo plays the passing lanes well. He's very quick on his feet, and he's smart, so he'll usually make the right decision in the open floor. The only thing limiting Rondo at times defensively is his strength, because there are bigger guards, a veteran like Chauncey will use his size to have an advantage over Rondo, but at the same time, he's so quick, it more than makes up for it.


    The debate between who is the better "true" PG out of the two is Rajon Rondo. But, like someone mentioned, Rondo has been in the league a few years more than Rose. They are both developing, and Rose already has a better jumpshot than Rondo. He's more athletic, he's going to get more assists as soon as Noah comes back as well. Rondo has KG, Pierce, and Allen, he has those 3 who make it easier for him. Remember Rose is running a two man game at this time with Booz', so for now, you shouldn't expect for him to be racking up a lot of assists. He has that aggressive, scoring mentality right now, and he's still adapting to Booz.


    But, if you're asking who's the better player between the two, I'd have to give it to Rose. He's a better scorer, his quickness helps him on offense and defense, and he's one of the top players speed-wise with the ball in his hands. He's deceptive as well, but Rondo is a little bit more with his length. Rondo is quick, but not at Rose's level. But, Rondo is a much better rebounder than Rose, and I think Rose should be having more rebounds, but I guess not. Defensively, I think Rondo is a bit over Rose. Offensively, Rose is way ahead of Rondo. So, with that said, I think Rose is the better player, but the better PG has to be Rose.


    Don't forget though that Rose is capable of getting double digit assists and still able to have 20 or 30 points a game. That easily is a reason to put him over Rondo. Rondo can get 15-20 assists if he's focused, and his teammates are hitting shots, but since he can't create offensively as well as Rose, you should expect him to get high assist numbers. Rose is such a threat that when he gets hot, defenders won't be too focused on their man so they can help with Rose, and when they do that, Rose can get his team involved.


    Anyways, Rose is a rare breed. He's still developing. After this season, I think we'll see a rise in his assist total and rebounding total, because he'll have two solid post players, that he will by then understand where there spots are, and how to get them the ball in there spots. Rondo has been with team for a long time, and with three HOF'ers he's learned quickly what to do.


    To conclude, Rose over Rondo.

  • Legendary23 Pro 83 posts since
    Oct 5, 2010

    ;Rondos got a championship. ever put that into perspective?

  • adanny14 Legend 590 posts since
    May 20, 2010

    true. But it goes back to what I said about Rondo having a better supporting cast than Rose.

  • 2Tru2Breal Rookie 1 posts since
    Jan 24, 2011

    This is a very tough comparison, but only due to playing in different basketball systems. When comparing players of the same position, I feel it is usually best to try and eliminate the team and system they play for and compare not only stats, but their abilities (which includes basketball IQ).


    Ok, here goes. First off, you always here the argument of "who's more of a true point guard?" or something of that nature. But, who defines what a true point guard really means for this era of basketball. What a point guard does or needs to do is very different from when basketball started. Let's look at strengths, weaknesses, & stats.


    Let's look at Rondo:



    -Great Floor Leader

    -High basketball IQ

    -Great Passer

    -Great on ball defense

    -Good Rebounding Guard

    -Great at attacking the basket and being able to score in the paint

    -Very quick w/ the ball



    -Poor 3pt Shooter

    -Very Poor Free Throw pct (especially for a guard)

    -Poor Midrange Shooter

    -Gambles alot on defense for the steal (instead of containment)

    -Passes on good open shots just for the assist

    -Offensive Liability (especially in the clutch)




    2010-11 StatisticsFG3PTFTReboundsMisc



    Let's look at Rose:



    -Great Scorer

    -Good Passer

    -Good on ball defense

    -Good Rebounding Guard

    -Great at attacking the basket and being able to score in the paint

    -Decent 3pt shooter

    -Good mid-range shooter

    -Above 80% from the Free Throw line

    -Super Quick w/ the ball

    -Clutch player (with the shot or the pass)

    -Virtually unguardable



    -High Volume Shooter

    -Sometimes too aggressive instead of controlling the game by being a facilitator




    2010-11 StatisticsFG3PTFTReboundsMisc




    Of course I didn't list everything, but hopefully covered most of it. If you were to look at these 3 categories of strengths, weaknesses, and stats, which one would you take? To me, its obvious it would have to be Rose. Even the stats are telling. Take a look just at the Free Throw section. And I'm NOT referring to the percentage. Look at the attempts. That tells me that Rose is not only getting points from the line, but he is getting the defense to foul, which adds another advantage for your offense. Rose can get it done on both ends of the court in all facets. Rondo is a better passer & faciliator than Rose, but not enough to give him the edge. Rondo can get it done in many areas, but it is very limited in the offensive side. I honestly believe that if Rondo had a half decent jump shot that the Boston Celtics would have won last year's finals. His inability to be a threat on offense allowed the Lakers to pack it in & play help defense on anyone else not named Rondo.


    I have a term I like to use all the time when talking about players in any sport. There are "ball players" and "system players". A "ball player" can go to any team and make a HUGE difference and be elite. A "system player" is good for only that "system". That's why sometimes you see players shine on one team and look like a dud on another. Derrick Rose is a "ball player" and , not taking for Rondo, but right now, he is a "system player". He benefits from the team and system he plays on. You place Rondo on the Bulls, I cannot see them with the same record they have now, only less. You put Derrick Rose with Boston and you just need to hand the trophy over to them now. It would be some bumps in the road, but they would get it done.


    Soooo, Derrick Rose gets the nod here, who as of right now, is only one of a handful of players who is "un-guardable".

  • bballdood Amateur 29 posts since
    Jun 18, 2010

    D-Rose all the way. He has the blinding speed the will to score at anytime and he can feed the ball to his teamates. Right now Rose is averaging about 8 assists per game almost 25 points per game and about 4 rebounds. These stats show that he is the perfect guard. HE can get out on the fast break which is even better if hes getting the rebound. He has the court IQ to see when his teammates are open which shows that he can give the ball up. Though if the Bulls are down he can take over the game he can almost score at will. You can check out sportscenter and watch the top 10 plays almost everytime you see D-Rose with his incredible double clutch reverse layups these layups just show his amazing athleticism. Rondo is good but all he can do is feed the ball he can't score at will like Rose can. Yes maybe Rose doesn't have as many assists as Rondo but come on think it through Rondo doesn't need to score as much because he has a bunch of veterans like Pierce, Garnett, and Allen. Rose needs to score especially right now because Joakim Noah is out. So overall Rose all the way he's got everything you want a guard.



    this video shows D-Rose double clutch layups, how he gets out on the fast break, and his great acceleration with the ball.

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