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Mar 7, 2011 8:07 PM

Running Scholarships

My sons are both strong runners. In the seventh grade my 13year old ran a 5:28 mile. My older son who is a freshman in high school runs a 5:15 mile.  What is a good mile time to be considered for a scholarship?  Assuming their grades are above board.  

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    1. Mar 7, 2011 11:00 PM (in response to Jstar99)
    Re: Running Scholarships

    It all depends on who your kids wants to run for. Top Division 1 schools will be more competitive and will recruit some of the fastest kids in the nations. I think your kids are pretty fast so they have a chance of improving and running for a top program.

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    2. Mar 9, 2011 7:47 AM (in response to Jstar99)
    Re: Running Scholarships

    Interesting question


    my son got some money at the highschool level( academic scholarship,partial, for students who would commit to running track/crosscountry) and college DIII-again and academic scholarship.

    the highschool program was/is a perenial state power in XC---- I can't speak for track.


    for the highschool XC runners- --------- in my state it is a 5k race, 7 runners, only the top 5 runners score

    generally on my sons' team all the top 5 runners for the  years i followed closely----would run the first mile of a 5k race in the 5 minute to 5:10 range---- knowing full well they had another 2.1 miles to run


    in a decent sized xc meet with a couple hundred runners---- there will easily be 15-20 kids who run the first mile in that range


      we will see plenty of kids running 5k's in the 16's and any number of teams i think running 1-5 under18:15 or so


    in our state- I don't think the boys run 1 mile in track--- I think it's 1500M

    while my son was in highschool one of his team mates was also the DII state champ(2 times) in the 1500-which I think he ran around 4:25 I can't recall exactly--- it's been several years)-and also  a 2 time DII individual champ in XC- you will see a number of kids running in the 15's in XC


    Regaurding a college scholarship--- from my sons years in highschool we knew 2 kids who ended up with DI college scholarships---- of course both families at the time were very proud--- but later on neither family had too much positive to say about the situation--- I think they both felt like  they were used---and discarded as pieces of old meat.


    including my son---  i am sure we know over a dozen who ended up running college DIII---------and pretty much all of them enjoyed the experience. At that level they aren't athletic scholarships--- they are technically academic scholarships


    If your son can get down to about 17:00 in the 5 K, consistantly maintain a 3.5 acum. and score 28-30 on an ACT test--- he won't have anyproblem getting a nice college package.

    BTw--- i know a 3rd kid  who will be running DI in college--- my neighbors' son---- but  he is still a highschool senior,so how much he likes the college experience, I can't yet say.


    my son has told me many times--- that he enjoyed running in college---- but it was a bit of a letdown because in highschool it mattered SO MUCH to them, every race counted and they WON almost every race hands down and being a state power was cool--- but once in college it didn't matter so much and the team was at it's very best MAYBE middle of the pack finishers.


    VERY best wishes to you and your son,


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    3. Mar 9, 2011 8:10 AM (in response to SMARIETTA)
    Re: Running Scholarships

    BTW---- you will be able to access tons of info on line regaurding the times run at various meets in your state-and the times can vary quite a bit from state to state.----

    for example---- my son didn't  run this relay-- but some of his friends in high school were the 4x800 state champs-and when he got to college and his college team mates all started comparing times- he found out that any of his 4x800 buddies would probably have been the individual state champs in  the 800 in W. VA-and the W.VA 4x800 team times wouldn't have even qualified them for the Ohio meet


    so it can vary by a huge amount from state to state and year to year.


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