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Mar 9, 2011 4:12 PM

LSD is such a B1tc4

I don't, haven't done much real what one would consider LSD type running.  Just not my thing, and I've been tending to push the pace on most of my training runs.  Usually, I'm within a 50 to 90 second window of my 5K pace.  My workouts usually vary in a range from 7-9 miles now.  Only variation to that is some trail running which will be in the 11-12 mile range at the upper end of my 90 second window.


So, I figure I'd try this LSD stuff again.  How brutal.  I've done a couple 14 milers in the past few months, but today, I figured I'd take it easy, cut the pace to say 2 minutes off my 5K target and add a mile or two, call it 16.  There is just something about that slower pace and what must be the increased number of foot strikes and time of foot on the ground - to me it is just brutal.  The breathing isn't a problem, but the rest of the workout just is torture.  So, a take it easy day?  I have a feeling I'm gonna really pay for this take it easy day.


Is there really any benefit to this crap?  I'm not yet convinced by some of the different things I read.  I just don't like it.  You 18-20 mile workout folks can have it.


Anyone else feel or experience similar?

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    1. Mar 9, 2011 6:11 PM (in response to nowirun4fun)
    Re: LSD is such a B1tc4

    Counterintuitive isn't it ? By nature I'm like you . It's not a workout if I'm not pushing the limits . I'm still that way on the bike . I was a little freaked out the first time I worked out with a heart rate monitor . A lot of  my training time was spent above what is supposed to be my max HR . I listened to the people who said " Go slower to get faster " or " Stay in your aerobic zone and your speed will improve " .

    I have to say it seems to be working . Over the past month or so, my average HR seems to have dropped seven to ten bpm for the same speed, over the same distance and my endurance has most definitely increased . I'm pretty new, but I believe there's something to it . It's easier to enjoy the scenery at a slower pace too . I'm just sayin...


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    3. Mar 13, 2011 7:45 PM (in response to nowirun4fun)
    Re: LSD is such a B1tc4

    I don't know how much benefit LSD can be for someone who is not training for a half marathon or longer.  I am somewhat new to running, doing it less than 7 months now but I was able to complete a half marathon in my fourth month of running.  LSD helped me build up mileage in my body, both physically and mentally.  At first the physical aspect of it was very challenging but then the mental part was really tough.  It did get monotonous and I was lucky to be able to find many other places within a few miles of where I live to run my LSD.  My longest run before the half was 15 miles and it took me almost three hours to do it, three very hard hours.  When the half came around I was able to run a faster pace, partly due to the excitement of the event itself, but also due to the fact that I knew that I could run the distance.  I did it in 2:07, much to my surprise. So to me LSD does have its benefits, but only because I would like to run a longer distance.

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