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cmaz333 Rookie 2 posts since
Apr 26, 2010
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Feb 25, 2011 7:16 AM

beta calendar issues

First of all, I like it.  But just a couple of bugs i found.

1) the pop-up bubble on the saturday column gets cut-off because of location, in the month view.

2) view by week: this was fine looking at current week, but when i arrowed over to the next week, I got dates like February 30th and February 33rd.


Just wanted to report - thanks



  • Amy_eteamz_support Legend 1,419 posts since
    May 30, 2007
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    1. Feb 28, 2011 10:59 AM (in response to cmaz333)
    Re: beta calendar issues

    Hi there!


    Thank you very much for your feedback!  I will make sure the appropriate person views this.


    Please remember, too, that you can post feedback at the below link:

  • jtmangels Rookie 3 posts since
    Nov 3, 2009
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    2. Mar 10, 2011 5:13 AM (in response to Amy_eteamz_support)
    Re: beta calendar issues

    I too like the new beta calendar but have a couple of bug fixes/suggestions:


    1) Recurring events don't seem to schedule properly. As an example, if I schedule an event to begin Tuesday 6/21/11, 0900 to 1500 and then set recurring options to Daily every 1 day until Friday 6/24/11 the calendar will schedule it out until Saturday 6/25/11. If I schedule it to end 6/23 (a day earlier than it's supposed to end) then the calendar will schedule it properly.


    2) When scheduling an event it would be nice if we could attach a DOC/PDF file to the scheduled event. Many of our offseason events (camps, volunteer training, etc) are put together and communicated in flier format and it would be much easier and faster to just link to that file. If this can't be done then maybe you could enhance the 'Details' field so that we can create hyperlinks to these documents.



  • jtmangels Rookie 3 posts since
    Nov 3, 2009
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    3. Mar 10, 2011 6:40 AM (in response to jtmangels)
    Re: beta calendar issues

    A couple of other comments:


    1) When scheduling a recurring event the event times are correct for the first instance but the remaining instances contain incorrect times. I scheduled a monthly recurring event starting in March from 7pm-8:30pm and it shows as 12pm-8am from April on. I also noticed that the recurrence settings did not save correctly when the event was initially created. Instead of every 3rd Wed it saved the last Sunday. I went back and edited the event, configured them correctly and re-saved and the events were scheduled properly (except for the time issue noted above).


    2) Would it be possible to show the start and/or end times of an event when in monthly view, or make this a configurable option? I know when you hover over the event this information is displayed in a callout but visitors will not necessarily realize that. I know space is tight but the old calendar used to display this and it was very helpful.


    I realize this is still beta so just passing along my impressions. Thanks!

  • ActiveHeidi Amateur 15 posts since
    Mar 27, 2008
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    4. Mar 17, 2011 1:55 PM (in response to jtmangels)
    Re: beta calendar issues

    Thanks for all of the feedback!  To address the different comments:


    1. We?re currently working on the Saturday pop-up bubble fix, and it is scheduled to be released on 3/29.

    2. The weird dates like Feb 30th and Feb 33rd is now fixed.

    3. For the recurring end date issue, we are currently working on a fix for this, which is scheduled to be released on 3/29.

    4. For the recurring issue where the time is not consistent, we will also be putting this in our 3/29 release.

    5. For the deletion of recurring events not working (I saw you post this on a different thread) - we are trying to fit this into our 3/29 release.  If we're not able to fit it in there, then we will include it in the following release (in April).


    For the suggestions, we've moved these over to our product enhancement suggestion tool:  Please use this forum freely -- it helps us to gather and prioritize all of your feedback.


    Thanks again for all of your comments!

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