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Feb 16, 2009
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Mar 25, 2011 5:35 PM

Trisuit or shorts?

I'm reatlively new to tri's and have done a 2 and am training for the nautica in South beach, Miami in a few weeks.  I'm considering buying and wearing a trisuit but as I am a begineer and firmly in the clysdale division (200#+) I am a little self conscious about what to wear.  For the Tri's I've done I went with a T shirt and bicycle shorts which worked well, but by the end of the bike ride the T-shirt was soaked, and of course the padding in the seat was retaining water for the first half of the ride.

I recently saw a trisuit for about the same price as a pair of tri-shorts I liked and am wondering which way to go.  The tri suit fit great, and I loved not having the elastic around the waist but am wondering how silly it will look to be in one and not at the front of the pack, or close to it! Not to mention with a little bit of a belly!  Is it unusual to have a beginner/intermediate in a trisuit or am I worrying too much over nothing?


Any help is appreciated.

  • IronMakeover Community Moderator 738 posts since
    Jul 7, 2008
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    1. Mar 25, 2011 6:53 PM (in response to coppertop222)
    Re: Trisuit or shorts?

    Hey Coppertop222,

    Sounds like a fun event! :-)

    Your points about the t-shirt and bike shorts are valid.


    Trisuits come as 1 or 2 pieces, so you have options. I have a long torso, so I got a 2-piece and this gives me flexibility to mix and match pieces a little.

    Don't you worry at all about wearing a trisuit no matter where you fall in the pack. And, while there is a lot of skin showing on race day, remember everyone is really focused on themselves.

    You'll likely see a ton of outfit options and some crazy combinations. But, wear what works best for you & tell yourself you are ready to rock it.


    Have a great time & let us know how it goes.

    :-) Sara

    Sara Cox Landolt

  • thecenterline Amateur 10 posts since
    Jan 21, 2010
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    2. Mar 25, 2011 8:43 PM (in response to coppertop222)
    Re: Trisuit or shorts?

    Hey coppertop222,


    I've worn both "configurations" and the only thing I will say about a full trisuit is that if you need to make a portapotty pit stop, they are A PAIN to get off!  But if that isn't a concern, go for the full trisuit.  They are super comfortable and do the job.  And seriously, your experience level shouldn't dictate what kind of gear you use.  Use whatever you're most comfortable in and that will just make the race that much more enjoyable!  You'll see all different shapes and sizes on the course so it's nothing to worry about

    "If you set a goal for yourself and are able to achieve it, you have won your race." Dave Scott

  • quadzilla1 Expert 39 posts since
    May 30, 2010
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    3. Apr 2, 2011 10:54 AM (in response to coppertop222)
    Re: Trisuit or shorts?



    I am a huge fan of the one piece tri-suit and that is all I will race in. I primarily do long course races and enjoy the freedom they provide.I have raced in two pieces and the one draw back to the shorts is that after awhile they tend to roll down and bunch up, can be a little uncomfortable.


    As for the bathroom...not really an issue. You just need to find what YOU feel comfortable in and not worry about what others think. If they are looking at you and what you are wearing, then they aren't really racing.


    Train safe, race hard..

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  • ChristopherM of Boston Amateur 22 posts since
    Aug 23, 2010
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    4. Apr 2, 2011 1:01 PM (in response to coppertop222)
    Re: Trisuit or shorts?

    I can tell you exactly how you'll look racing in a trisuit: AWESOME!!!


    Serioulsy, you're competing in a triathlon, you're a rock star, and rock stars get to wear whatever they want.  No one is going to care.


    So that being said, wear whatever is comfortable.  Obviously ditch the bike shorts and t-shirt, because they don't seem to be working for you (as well they shouldn't be: cotton & endurance competition don't mix well, and bike shorts + water = diaper).


    A lot of people like the tri suit because you don't have to worry about putting on a shirt after the swim, and most cyclists prefer suits or bibs which keep the bike padding in place.  In theory you should be faster in the water too, if you're swimming without a wetsuit.


    On the other hand, I find shorts to be a bit more functional while training (I'll wear then in the gym with a tech top a lot, regardless of which discipline I'm working that day), and of course, they solve the bathroom issue.


    But if you're comfortable in that tri suit, then you rock that tri suit!

    -Christopher M

    Boston, MA

  • j2dahizzay Rookie 3 posts since
    Feb 16, 2010
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    6. Apr 5, 2011 7:56 PM (in response to coppertop222)
    Re: Trisuit or shorts?

    Good Luck in your Tri this weekend..

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  • ChristopherM of Boston Amateur 22 posts since
    Aug 23, 2010
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    8. May 24, 2011 7:23 AM (in response to coppertop222)
    Re: Trisuit or shorts?

    See, you look fantastic!  How did you do?  Were you happy with your performance?

    -Christopher M

    Boston, MA

  • Julie Ann Hackett Legend 226 posts since
    Nov 20, 2007
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    9. Jun 1, 2011 11:13 AM (in response to coppertop222)
    Re: Trisuit or shorts?

    Agreed, the tri suit looks great!  I usually feel like a fashion faux pas when I've got my tri gear on, especially with the compression socks up to my knees and my hair all over the place.  But at the end of the day, its all about having a good race and if that's what it takes, I'm ok with looking silly.

  • bowlergirl1120 Rookie 2 posts since
    Oct 7, 2009
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    10. Jun 1, 2011 11:34 AM (in response to coppertop222)
    Re: Trisuit or shorts?

    I hope you went for the Trisuit! I completed my first triathlon last year in the trisuit and it was so comfortable!  I would not race in anything else - "belly" or not, back or front of the pack, no difference to me.  Happy training and racing this season!

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