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ihoopsdave Amateur 11 posts since
May 3, 2010
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Apr 19, 2011 1:26 PM

How long does it take for ball handling to improve?

hello, i been really consistent this last week doing ball handling drill, I try to do the same drill because starting a new drill everyday wouldnt help me improve, the two main drills i've been doing are mostly Maravich drills, around the body drill, figure eight, taps, etc. I know i just started doing these and i've been doing about five to ten minutes a day(depends on how bad i mess up) and i'm starting to get discourage and impatient cause i don't feel like i'm getting the big improvements like i thought. Could somebody that has really improve their dribbling skills give me some insight? thanks

  • BeatTheBest Amateur 20 posts since
    Mar 21, 2011

    5-10 minutes per drill or just in total??? If it's 10 minutes total then you need to practice more. Usually I do like 40 minutes of maravich and other ball handling drills, an hour shooting and then half an hour conditioning and free throws. If you don't have time to practice then when you're watching TV you can do all the Pistol non-dribbling drills, which helps a lot too.

  • yankeejoe13 Amateur 13 posts since
    Mar 5, 2011

    ill tell u this right now if u aint gonna put in the work then u might as well give up now. u gotta practice practice practice everday of the week. its gotta be like a routine, like brushin ur teeth. uve been practicing for 10 minutes for 1 week and ur alrdy complainin? come onn man. since december, ive been literally doing nothing but practicing basketball. ive nvr put more dedication in anythin like i hav wit bball. i just fell in love wit the game this year. i practice a half hour a day just on ball handling every single day of the week, ill take mayb a day off after a month or so but thats cause of other stuff. i will tell u this... be patient man. do ur research on ball handlin moves. its not bout how many hours u do but wat u put in the hours. do different drills...doin the same ones after a while wont get u anywhere (how can u get better doin the same crap over and over?). do 50 power dribbles with each hand for 2 weeks (standard dribbles, in and outs, behind the back, crossover)- do those stationary. u gottta get comfortable wit ur handles first then start working on ur dribble drive moves. some good moves are- ur moving cross overs, cross over then behind the back, drive pump fake then spin on inside pivot foot. in n out, behinmd the back, step back, head fake, then drive (haha great move right there.) i woulkdnt consider myself a good baller thats y i practice everyday. u gotta put in the work!!! i heard this quote once its rly good "if ur not practicing harder than the day before then u rnt doing ur job"

  • yankeejoe13 Amateur 13 posts since
    Mar 5, 2011

    yea idk how hard u work so yea my bad. u gotta practice harder than comfortable thats how u improve. ok so to answer ur question its "as long as it takes". everybody is different and everybodies work ethic is different. if ur practicin 10 minutes a day but hard, then id say 6 or 7 months. me personally it's taken 4 months to become comfrotable wit my handles. but i know i can be so muich better so im trying hard every day. ok so id say 6 months until ur 1 of the better ball handlers u know, and then many months after that till ur the best ball handler u know (out of ur group of friends or somethin or your team) 

  • balla2011 Legend 285 posts since
    Feb 26, 2011

    no disrespect dude but it dont matter what workouts u do if u dnt work your butt off 30 mins. a day at least u r never going too be as great as u could be, do you know what derrick rose had too do too become the player he is now?
    1,000 shots, 6 days a week for the whole summer now that is hard work basketball is a sport where u cant expect it too be given too you,you gotta work so hard that you know you will get better.

  • balla2011 Legend 285 posts since
    Feb 26, 2011

    if you really want too become a good dribbler you will work for more then 10 mins. just saying... and what i do is just dribble normally for 30 mins. for each hand, not anything special but it works.

  • effey Rookie 6 posts since
    Apr 20, 2011

    it take a long time like 2 or 3 day beause u will have to knoe how to drible wit 2 hand thru ur leg also u have to knoe how to make the ball stay below ur waist. make shore u dont make the ball *** of ur feet. i play for 2 school so i knoe how long it take because we do drill and we learn evrything bout drilling and thru ur legs and learn how not the make the ball go over ur shoulder when it do it call carry and i got basketball game 2k11 2k10 2k09

  • Latrentis Rookie 6 posts since
    Apr 23, 2011

    Are you doing any cone work with your drills?? Like crossovers, in/outs, hesitations, between the leg etc (if you don't have cones you can improvise)?? Those are basic drills that you can do, say 2-3 mins each. You'll have to be consistent for a few weeks to see some kind of improvement, are you playing in any games to test your skills? All I can say is keep at it and maybe add some more drills to your workout. Don't get discouraged as you need to push your body in order to see any results. Good luck.

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