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Jul 14, 2004 10:16 AM

Best dogs to run with

Hey all,
I'm thinking about getting a dog when I move into my new house. I would prefer one that I could take on some runs. I really love beagles, but I was hoping for some feedback from all the dog-runners.... What breeds do you run with?

  • lablover051 Rookie 2 posts since
    Dec 14, 2007
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    1. Jul 14, 2004 10:24 AM (in response to Guest )
    Re: Best dogs to run with

    I have a black lab (guess my user name gives it away).  He is a terrific dog to run with.  I can safely take him off the leash in some of my running spots and he doesn't stray far.  They also require regular exercise so they are good motivators for those days you just don't feel like running.

    The only thing is, some labs, like mine grow up to be a good size and on a leash they may pull at first.  It took me about one to two months to train him not to pull but to keep pace with me.  Other than that they are friendly, devoted and great dogs to own!

  • janSport Rookie 267 posts since
    Dec 12, 2007
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    2. Jul 14, 2004 10:32 AM (in response to Guest )
    Re: Best dogs to run with

    I run with my Australian Shepherds.  They are great running companions.  They do need to be trained well though.  Because they are a herding breed, they have a tendency to chase running things.  You see where I am going here?  Anyway, one of my Aussies is very reliable off lead and ignores everything he is supposed to.  My other one, however, is a herding machine and is not to be trusted.  He is usually OK with normal runners and bikers, but anything that is out of the norm and he flips into his farmdog mentality.  We had a nasty event in the park recently with a big, beautiful man doing sprints and flying snap kicks.  Flash saw that and couldn't contain himself.  He was off!  Scared me and the man and now, he is leash only.  !|src=|border=0!

    So, if you want a dog that can run all day, but needs a job to do ( ie agility, frisbee, obedience comp), think about an Aussie.


  • bwhitmini Rookie 12 posts since
    Dec 4, 2003
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    3. Jul 14, 2004 10:40 AM (in response to Guest )
    Re: Best dogs to run with

    I grew up with a beagle and cannot imagine they would be running companions. I now have Australian Sheperds and echo all of the above! They are also beautiful creatures!
    Something you need to watch when running with dogs is wear on their pads. They do not fare well on concrete and asphaslt will even wear on them after too many miles. Grass is best.
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  • Brinkerhoff071 Rookie 31 posts since
    Dec 14, 2007
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    5. Jul 14, 2004 11:46 AM (in response to Guest )
    Re: Best dogs to run with

    I have a vizsla I take anywhere between 4-10 miles. On longer runs I let him trot along off lead when no other people or dogs are around. That way he can stop and go as he pleases. He loves to run and is a perfect companion.

  • Bob 2001 Rookie 1 posts since
    Sep 2, 2001
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    6. Jul 14, 2004 12:10 PM (in response to Guest )
    Re: Best dogs to run with

    My suggestion is to find a dog bred for running or herding and one that can keep up with you. My choice was the German Shepherd because of their history and character. I see runners with a variety of dogs including labs, Dobermans, and even Great Danes.

  • luckylily Rookie 242 posts since
    Dec 14, 2007
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    7. Jul 14, 2004 3:41 PM (in response to Guest )
    Re: Best dogs to run with

    carolina dogs are great running buddies too...actually, any of the primitive type dogs seem to be good runners.


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  • dobe runner Rookie 5 posts since
    Jun 13, 2004
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    8. Jul 14, 2004 3:44 PM (in response to Guest )
    Re: Best dogs to run with

    I run with a doberman. He loves getting out and I don't have to worry about anyone bothering me. I do have to let him cool down well before water due to his deep chest and he'll drink a gallon if I let him.

    Hunting breeds are good for running so I would imagine a beagle would be good. They are known to wander though without a thought in their head but what they are scenting.

  • gatorman10 Legend 242 posts since
    Apr 23, 2003
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    9. Jul 14, 2004 3:48 PM (in response to Guest )
    Re: Best dogs to run with

    Rhodesian Ridgeback.......

  • NAB1984 Rookie 16 posts since
    May 27, 2004
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    10. Jul 15, 2004 9:58 AM (in response to Guest )
    Re: Best dogs to run with

    I have mutts and had I started them from puppyhood they would probably be great running pals. However, they are used to going on hill walks and trail walks with us so running with them is now out of the question (they are both 8 going on 9 but people are always amazed at how young they act).

    My advice really is to just start them out when they are young and be careful with some purebreds because some are prone to different problems/diseases.

    Dogs are such great companions! They keep you laughing. Up till I left for university the longest I didn't have a dog was 2 months  If you get any form of lab (mixed or pure bred) buy some tennis balls 


  • Rennvogel Rookie 10 posts since
    Dec 26, 2003
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    11. Dec 21, 2007 1:47 PM (in response to Guest )
    Re: Best dogs to run with

    I have a Dalmation. She is too old to do much running now but she used to love to run. She never would get under my feet, very well behaved. The only thing she would do is stop and take a dump, which was no big deal. I have a page about Dalmations on my website: Click on Photographs 1 and look at the bottom of the pictures.
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  • JillieD Rookie 28 posts since
    Dec 14, 2007
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    12. Jul 16, 2004 10:35 AM (in response to Guest )
    Re: Best dogs to run with

    ...Along with the tennis balls make sure to get a ChuckIt!  Keeps your hands of the slimey ball.  And you can throw so much further.

  • Tamblyn Amateur 64 posts since
    May 25, 2004
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    13. Jul 16, 2004 12:19 PM (in response to Guest )
    Re: Best dogs to run with

    IMHO it depends on the frequency and length of your runs.  If you are going to go regularly and run long distances (i.e. over 5 k) I would consider getting a working/hunting breed.  Aussie Shepherds, border collies, harriers, foxhounds, vizlas, dalmations, german shorthaired pointers, and other similar breeds required cross country stamina for their particualr jobs and I've heard are good running/'riding companions.  The downside is that some of these breeds aren't necessarily the best family pets (eg foxhounds and harriers) and all of them require lots of exercise.  If you are in an area where dog sled racing is popular you may want to think about picking up a sled dog - particularly some of the pointer based "breeds" and I use the term breed lightly.  They're mangy muts, but they do love to run.  I run with my lab shepx and have taken him on runs up to 15 k on occasion, but he's much leaner than your typical lab and I doubt he could handle marathon level training levels.  Also you should build your dog up gradually as you would yourself to ensure they don't get injured.  One injury many don't consider is pad damage.  There are booties and pad treatments that are supposed to reduce damage to your dogs pads.  I've seen significant pad wear on my dog with approx. 6 hours of trail running/week. 

    You might be tempted to get a greyhound, whippet, or similar coursing breed, but I've heard that they are more sprinters than long distance runners.

    I would definitely stay away from breeds that suffer from hip displaysia or shoulder problems or select my pet very carefully from a reputable breeder who screens for these genetic disorders in their breeding program.

    We'll I've run off at the mouth enough.  Good luck in the hunt.

  • Jamers04 Amateur 162 posts since
    Jul 24, 2001
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    14. Jul 16, 2004 1:49 PM (in response to Guest )
    Re: Best dogs to run with

    I've got a golden retriever, and although at 9 she can't handle the longer distances she used to love running with me.  I think a big key is to make sure the dog keeps up w/ your training.  Mine used to do 5miles no problem but when I started school and started running with the team she couldn't really keep up with me that well anymore.  Just because they have an extra set of legs doesn't mean they can handle 7 miles right out of the gate.

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