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Day 30

Posted by 23AirJordan Aug 27, 2011

Today I didn't do much and I have taken about 4 days off. I'm not proud of it but I just haven't found time. Tommorow I'm going to train insanely. And thanks EPE09, the icing worked. I'll right more next time. I just don't have anything to write about.

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Day 29

Posted by 23AirJordan Aug 26, 2011

Yesterday I didn't train at all because a dude who isn't in my family but is like an uncle came over. The day before that my little brother had a football game so I had to go to that and we got out of school early it was so hot so it was hard to train because of the heat. And today in P.E. we were playing football and I dove for a ball(caught it) and temporarily hurt my right knee. Also hurt my right elbow. And since I rely on my knees in my shot I can't shoot. So I practiced ball handling for half an hour today. Thanks for reading

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Day 25 Week in Review

Posted by 23AirJordan Aug 24, 2011

This week I trained a lot. My grandpa came over to help me with some catch and shoot drills and other things you need two people for. My dad helped me last night after school. He helped me with some transtition shooting. Today I'm gonna work with ball handling first then do a LONG shooting session. Shooting is really my only weakness. So if you could post some drills that I could use to help me shoot better it would help me a lot. The drill that has helped me with my game that doesn't have to do with shooting or ball handling is squats except you go down so low so you're in a catchers position. And I do it jumping, with weights, and just plain old squats. On the catchers stance ones I do about 15-20. And I'm gonna keep increasing it as I get stronger. I set my alarm clock to six twenty every morning to do my intense 30 minute workout. Thanks for reading.

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Day 22

Posted by 23AirJordan Aug 20, 2011

I didn't do much yesterday cause it was really hot and I was tired from the first day of school. I hung out with some friends for most of the day. Actually, until 10:00. Today I'm going to do a bunch of shooting drills so if you have any good ones that have helped you please post one. Sorry for it being so short. I'll post more next time.

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Day 20

Posted by 23AirJordan Aug 18, 2011

Sorry for my absence I just couldn't find time to do it. But anyways my past few days have been filled with training and the most crucial part of my game I'm working is my shooting because I'm like Rajon Rondo, not a great shooter. And I don't if you guys heard about what Shaq said. He said they were at some muesem and they were with the president. By they I mean the Celtics. And Obama leans over to Ray Allen and says" Hey Ray" pointing in Rondo's direction"why don't you teach this kid to shoot". And K.G. said the look in his eyes was just devestated. I mean being dissed by the president had to be terrible. And the next night shot terrible. And kind of for the rest of the year. But anyways that's all I have to say. First day of school starting in an hour for me so I have to get ready for school.

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Day 9&10

Posted by 23AirJordan Aug 5, 2011

Sorry for my absense again. I just never got around to posting stuff. What I've been working on recently is my shot. It got really off from lack of training but I kept on working on it for the past few days and it's about back to normal. Sadly for me, my training days are going to get shorter because school starts on August 18th. With school starting, I'll try to post as much as I can. I'll write more next time.

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Day 6&7

Posted by 23AirJordan Aug 1, 2011

Sorry for my absense. I've been having back issues which is making it hard to train so I've taken the last 2 days off. I plan on playing a full day today. This week is going to be hot so I'll be taking a lot of water breaks. Sorry this post is so short but I didn't do much the past 2 days because of my back so the next one will be longer.

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