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Pro Basketball

August 24, 2011

Day 25 Week in Review

Posted by 23AirJordan Aug 24, 2011

This week I trained a lot. My grandpa came over to help me with some catch and shoot drills and other things you need two people for. My dad helped me last night after school. He helped me with some transtition shooting. Today I'm gonna work with ball handling first then do a LONG shooting session. Shooting is really my only weakness. So if you could post some drills that I could use to help me shoot better it would help me a lot. The drill that has helped me with my game that doesn't have to do with shooting or ball handling is squats except you go down so low so you're in a catchers position. And I do it jumping, with weights, and just plain old squats. On the catchers stance ones I do about 15-20. And I'm gonna keep increasing it as I get stronger. I set my alarm clock to six twenty every morning to do my intense 30 minute workout. Thanks for reading.

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