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Pro Basketball

August 26, 2011

Day 29

Posted by 23AirJordan Aug 26, 2011

Yesterday I didn't train at all because a dude who isn't in my family but is like an uncle came over. The day before that my little brother had a football game so I had to go to that and we got out of school early it was so hot so it was hard to train because of the heat. And today in P.E. we were playing football and I dove for a ball(caught it) and temporarily hurt my right knee. Also hurt my right elbow. And since I rely on my knees in my shot I can't shoot. So I practiced ball handling for half an hour today. Thanks for reading

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This blog is about having the dream of playing pro basketball. Whether it's the CBA or NBA. Wherever it is, what you need to do and how you do it to get there.

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