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Day 25 Week in Review

Posted by 23AirJordan Aug 24, 2011

This week I trained a lot. My grandpa came over to help me with some catch and shoot drills and other things you need two people for. My dad helped me last night after school. He helped me with some transtition shooting. Today I'm gonna work with ball handling first then do a LONG shooting session. Shooting is really my only weakness. So if you could post some drills that I could use to help me shoot better it would help me a lot. The drill that has helped me with my game that doesn't have to do with shooting or ball handling is squats except you go down so low so you're in a catchers position. And I do it jumping, with weights, and just plain old squats. On the catchers stance ones I do about 15-20. And I'm gonna keep increasing it as I get stronger. I set my alarm clock to six twenty every morning to do my intense 30 minute workout. Thanks for reading.

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Day 3

Posted by 23AirJordan Jul 27, 2011

Today was hot. And when I say hot I mean HOT!!!! It cooled off as they day went on though. Practiced less today. For around an hour. When will this heat wave end. Illinois summers are never this hot. Worked on my fadeaway jump shot today. That's mostly what I did. Had an off day from 3 today. Only made a couple today in about 20 attempts. We went to play tennis this morning and I played basketball at the court next door. Then I went to play tennis afterwards. All in all a good day. From now on I will start posting a drill on each post I put up. Keep following-23AirJordan

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Day 2: part 2

Posted by 23AirJordan Jul 26, 2011

Well I just finished the rest of my basketball day. Here is an overview of my day. I started off my morning with a toaster struedel for breakfast. Than did my work out(which consists of 200 curls, chest presses, sit ups, etc.) Worked on basically every part of my game and got better at my threes. I keep on getting stronger from the outside so it keeps on getting easier to shoot them. Since I'm only 5"2, shooting and ball handling are the key parts of my game. And if I want to make the pros, then I have to keep on doing this everyday. And what I was doing was jump roping for 10 minutes each day, but then I just stopped and never got back and I'm gonna start again tonight. Spread the word-23AirJordan

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Day 2: part 1

Posted by 23AirJordan Jul 26, 2011

Well I didn't see the movie so I had more time to train. But the weather is so hot here and over most of america so it was harder. I plan on going outside again to train today. Gonna keep on training until tryouts. They're in October so a long way to go. But what I figure to myself is, this is my chance to get ahead of everyone else. During this heat wave, no one will be practicing because all of these prima donnas will be afraid they're going to overheat. So to everyone who is serious about basketball and want's to play great this fall, then this is your chance to get ahead. And to all of you NFL fans out there, the season is back on. WOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! But I'm still mad the NBA season is in a lockout. Hope it goes the way the NFL one did. Or if possible, shorter. But I'm still looking forward to college ball. It's always my favorite time of the year. Thanks for all of your support-23AirJordan

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Day 2(well sort of)

Posted by 23AirJordan Jul 26, 2011

Today I plan on seeing a movie so my training will be in the morning. Today I plan on doing exactly what I did yesterday plus work on reverse lay ups. I used to be great at them and that was my scoring threat but just too long without practice didn't help. And the thing is, if you want to get better at something, you have to make time to get better. Just like I'm doing. To do that, you have to develop a good work ethic. And that's what I have. Instead, I've got friends that just sit around saying they'll make the pros in whatever sport they want. I mean, all they do is sit around and play X-Box and watch Family Guy all day. And I just mutter to myself, good luck with that. So it takes work. And most people don't realize that. Tell your friends-23AirJordan

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Day 1

Posted by 23AirJordan Jul 25, 2011

Today I worked on left handed layups, step backs, 3's, and free throws. I went 7for10 on free throws, hit three of my first 3, 3's. Improved in every category. I practiced for 2 hours today. And everyone who wants to get better needs to practice at least 2 hours a day. And do it 6-7 days a week. You can't expect to be great in one day. It takes work. And that's what I plan to do every day.

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About Me

Posted by 23AirJordan Jul 25, 2011

When I was a kid, I went back and forth between sports. If it was baseball season, I wanted to play baseball forever. If it was football season, I wanted to play in the NFL. And so on. But I live in Illinois where it's snowy in basketball season, and well, if there's no time for me to play when the season's done, then I thought well it can't be basketball. But just past year, 2010, I decided right when the season started that I loved it so much and I wouldn't give it up. And sure enough, about a year later, I still love it. My goal is to make the pros. That's why I named this blog Pro Basketball instead of NBA, because make it in Europe or the CBA is just as great an accomplishment as making any other league would be. Now don't get me wrong, the NBA would be one of my biggest accomplishment, but making a D1 school in College would be the greatest. That's my dream, to make the Pros. I will now give daily updates and what I'm doing to get better.- 23AirJordan

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