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CANCELLED(((The 18U Texas Ball Brats))) by 3Bs 1 year ago
CANCELLED(((18U Texas Ball Brats))) by 3Bs 1 year ago
CANCELLED(((+18u texas ball brats+))) by 3Bs 1 year ago
splendora texas scrimmage 16-18u this sunday 8th by 3Bs player, softball, fastpitch, texas, 16u, 18u, usfa, scrimmages 2 years ago
Re: Brazos Valley Shootout lll Reviews by 3Bs 2 years ago
texas ball brats 14u looking for pick up players by 3Bs players, texas, 14u, tryouts, fielding, girls_softball, catcher, 14u_softball 3 years ago
((5pm))UPDATED R U A 97'? (TEXAS BALL BRATS 14U/16U TRYOUT) by 3Bs travel, players, fastpitch, 14u, tryout, 16u, fastpitch_softball, experienced, players-wanted, tournaments;, girls_fastpitch 3 years ago
((5pm))UPDATED R U A 97'? (TEXAS BALL BRATS 14U/16U TRYOUT) by 3Bs fastpitch, outfielder, 14u, asa, tournament, tryouts, 16u, fielder 3 years ago
((5pm))UPDATED R U A 97'? (TEXAS BALL BRATS 14U/16U TRYOUT) by 3Bs softball, fastpitch, texas, 14u, select, bracket, asa, girls, outfield, 16u, fielding, travel_softball, tournaments, splendora 3 years ago
Spring Stampede All Star and Open Warm Up Tournament June 8th-10th Bayer Park by 3Bs 3 years ago
2nd Annual Camo Classic!!! Seperate Divisions for All-Stars/League Teams and Open Teams!!!? by 3Bs 3 years ago
Ball Brats 14u Looking for a few more!!! by 3Bs 3 years ago
2nd Annual Camo Classic!!  Seperate Divisions for All-Stars and Open Teams!! by 3Bs 3 years ago
**14u looking for few more** by 3Bs 3 years ago
*****14U TEXAS BALL BRATS***** WE ARE LOOKING FOR A STRONG UTILITY PLAYER WITH A DISCIPLINED BAT by 3Bs player, softball-fastpitch, softball, fastpitch, texas, 14u, houston, ball, tournament, tryout, tryouts, travel_softball, fastpitch_softball, utility, kingwood, splendora, brats 4 years ago
*****10U Full Count looking to add 1-2 more players****^ by 3Bs 4 years ago
***SEE YOU THERE****14u Texas Ball Brats are looking for 1 strong utility player with a disciplined bat by 3Bs softball, texas, 14u, ball, tryout, bat, fastpitch_softball, utility, softball_fastpitch, softball_tryouts, brats 4 years ago
14U TEXAS BALL BRATS LOOKING FOR A PITCHER by 3Bs softball, pitching, fastpitch, texas, 14u, tryout, player_needed, pitcher., pitcher_wanted 4 years ago
TEXAS BALL BRATS 14U OPEN PRACTICE/TRY OUTS by 3Bs try, ball, 14u;, texas;, houston;, fastpitch;, outs;, brats;, tarkington;, splendora;, cleveland; 4 years ago