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Zombie 5k

Posted by 525Jerm on Oct 16, 2011 10:58:22 AM

Ran a Zombie 5k yesterday. Did a 16 mile warm up and pushed a little hard. But Had a great time. I have some friends that usually wear matching clothes for races, so I thought we could go dressed up as them. I didn't really want to dress like a zombie cause that's what everyone else did. If you registered as a human you started 2 min. early. Great concept. But organized horribly. I took off with the lead pack and was directed the wrong way. We looped back around then ran the two loops we were suppose to. However that same lead pack was allowed to cut some distance off the second loop.  I was not. Can't figure out why I wasn't taken seriously. Not sure how far I really ended going. Still came in 8th place overall and the 1st 4 people only completed one lap. Ya it was a mess. The best part was that it brought out people that don't usually run. Things like this really help the sport and it was great to see all the zombie families. I hope they put it together better next year. P.S. The zombies were more interested in the shoes than me.

I guess I've lost my appeal. 100_4067.JPG100_4070.JPG

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