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My last run was yours? in General Running Discussion LemonaidLucy 1 week ago by zaria58 792,088 4,905
Anybody here run on the PCT (Pacific Crest Trail)? in Trail Running & Ultras ALatteCrazy 2 years ago by Deacon Blues 1,592 4
I don't understand why long runs should be slow. in Trail Running & Ultras Jefftheprogrammer 2 years ago by Jefftheprogrammer 3,322 8
Is upper body a vital part of running long distance? in General Running Discussion Qalbi 2 years ago by Runnerdude77 2,361 8
Wave, nod or ignore...What do you do? in General Running Discussion lifl2003 2 years ago by runbrenrun 3,940 17
Shin Pain & 1/2 Marathon in 2 weeks in The Med Tent JamiMyers 2 years ago by Imgellin 1,657 6
Ragnar Prego in General Running Discussion maslt 2 years ago by maslt 857 2
I just started to take long distance running more seriously. in General Running Discussion hazencage 2 years ago by lenzlaw 2,306 10
Am I ready for this? in General Running Discussion emiss 2 years ago by lenzlaw 2,906 7
Things non runners say (a small vent) in General Running Discussion ALatteCrazy 2 years ago by skypilot77 2,948 9
How Often 5K a month?? in Newbie Cafe (New Runners) sapphiregal 2 years ago by ALatteCrazy 2,137 8
Wondering when I could realistically run a marathon in General Running Discussion Ally456 2 years ago by Joseph Tree 7,129 14
Re: Best earbuds for running? in Equipment and Gear Bimma 2 years ago by leonb33 15,550 32
Re: What state do you live in? in Newbie Cafe (New Runners) flamomof3 3 years ago by Ballgame59 25,995 123
Re: Sub-20 minute 5K  2011 - who's with me? in General Running Discussion cy11 3 years ago by mdv483 19,367 65


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