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Chuck's Down...

Posted by ActiveBelmonte2 May 27, 2007

How about that Chuck Liddell losing to Rampage Jackson last night? Hate to see that happen. Chuck has become the face of the sport, and then he goes out and loses in less than two minutes to a decent, though not great, fighter.


I predict this kind of fight could be what holds MMA from becoming a truly great sport. People love a long time champion. They want to see a guy like Chuck win. MMA is so unpredictable. It seems counterintuative, but this could be the sports greatest limitation.


We'll see.



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Posted by ActiveBelmonte2 May 27, 2007

Splogging is fun. Its when I surf the Internet so long my spleen hurts. Now that's suffering.


Bye for now.



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How bout that Bron Bron

Posted by ActiveBelmonte2 May 27, 2007

All it takes is the media calling The Kid out and he responds with a MONSTER night. 30+ points, strong on the boards, still distributing the rock. All good.


Must have used the word "aggressive" 12 times in the post game interview. Also commented that he intends to be at least this aggressive in the remaining games against the Pistons.


He could make a series out of it, after all.





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This is my first blog post. Blogging is fun. Not as much fun as splogging. Maybe tomorrow I will explain splogging to you all. Good bye.

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