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This isn't an exam...

Posted by ActiveMichelle Jul 28, 2011

Funny thing about endurance sports (and apparently blogging) is that you can't really catch up by cramming ... It'll never be as good as if you'd maintained a regular schedule.  On the other hand, if you're surrounded by amazing people,. you CAN take that approach with fundraising.  It's been 3 weeks since my last post and so much has happened that I'll never do it justice today, so I'll just include a few highlights:


1)  Warner Springs Endurance Camp:  3 days of playing and training out  in Eastern San Diego County with an amazing group of friends and  coworkers at the Warner Springs Ranch.


What's not to love about transition clinic, bike rides, trail running, dinners in the park, a summer sangria party wtih everyone dressed in  white, evenings at the cantina and the I'm-a-kid-again-slumber-party feeling?


The key theme for me was gratitude:  a life that affords so much leisure, training with top athletes, seeing selfless service, living in a healthy body, a healthy family, beauty of nature, dear friends, sharing the journey of those who were just falling in love with triathlon and what it can do for their lives.



2) New Bike:  Nothing says "I'm committed" to getting fast and competitve as a triathlete like spending as much on a bicycle as you spent on your first car.  I also spent at least 4 hours at the bike shop making this decision and countless hours more considering the options outside of the bike shop, but I finally pulled the trigger and am now a proud owner of a Trek Speed Concept 7.5 - it's beautiful and it's a good thing I like beans and rice.


After making the decision, I had to wait a week for delivery and assembly then spend another couple of hours at the shop getting the fit adjusted and fine-tuned.  While I was there, I picked up some new pedals and shoes, some new skin lubricant (more on that in a later post), new shorts, some drink powder, two fancy new water bottles, spare tubes and CO2 cartridges, and a matching storage box that allegedly makes the bike even MORE aerodynamic.  Have I mentioned that it's a good thing I like beans and rice? I love this bike .... too bad I HATE the saddle.  What the heck!?  It's just one more thing to buy...




To be continued... up next: Solana Beach Triathlon

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It's official...

Posted by ActiveMichelle Jun 30, 2011

I feel like there should be some kind of a ceremony for this commitment ... or someone holding my hand.  I'm in the middle of the registration form for Ironman Cozumel (149 days from today, but who's counting) and I have a million thoughts racing through my head about ... racing.  Wow.  Not sure where to begin.


How about the sucking sound in the background that's about to echo from my checking account?  $575  of "ENTRY FEES ARE NOT TRANSFERABLE, VALID ONLY FOR THIS EVENT EDITION AND THERE IS NO REFUND ON IT." How's THAT for commitment?


"If you qualify, do you intend to race at Ironman Hawaii?"  That's a pretty big if, but yes ... yes i would love to qualify and race at Kona.  What Ironman triathlete wouldn't? The fact that I'm even entertaining it as a possibility represents a massive shift in my attitude about triathlon and my potential as an athlete.


"Is this your first time racing in an Ironman event?"  I'm proud to say "No" ... I finished Ironman Coeur d'Alene almost exactly one year ago with a finish time of 15:07.  One of the best days of my life and safely under the cutoff time of 17 hours, but nowhere near the kind of time where we should be talking about qualifying for the world championship in Hawaii.


"Why have you sought Ironman Cozumel entry?Now this is a lot harder to answer.  For the sake of the form I kept it simple:  "season and location" and there is obviously a lot more to it, but not something I can do justice to right now.  I'm too wound up about making this REAL...


Heart pounding ....

Hands starting to sweat...

Entering my credit card information...

Clicking "PAY NOW"...


It's official! (and now I have a LOT of training to do)          



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