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Who's Who on Soozal?

Posted by Active_Jess on Jan 11, 2009 11:46:36 AM

So, I thought in order to get all of you excited about this blog, that it may be interesting to have more background on who will be on Soozal's crew for this year's race:


Daniel Woolery: Helmsman & boat owner--amateur sailor; food executive; various season championships; champion of champions San Francisco Bay; winner Newport-Ensenada, Long Beach Race Week; Trans Pac. Alamo, CA


Scott Easom: Primary Trimmer-- over 40 yrs exp; rigger, professional racer, boat captain; America's Cup veteran, 10 Transpacs (to Hawaii), 5 time world champion in various classes; over 250,000 ocean miles.


Robbie Haines: Tactician--over 45 yrs experience; professional sailor, racer; project manager for Roy Disney for 10 yrs;; gold medal olympian in Soling class; 6 time world champion, America's cup winner; San Diego, CA


Christopher Lewis: Navigator--corporate attorney, advanced university weather studies; 4 Sydney Hobart races, 1 Pac Cup, 2 time Rolex St. Francis Big Boat Series champion (navigator); over 10 yrs experience, Sunnyvale, CA


Pete McCormick: Mainsail Trimmer--Northern California Sales Manager for North Sails; Oregon University sailing team; over 20 yrs exp.; San Francisco, CA


Gary Sadamori: Pit (man)-- Ad executive, 20 yrs experience as bow, trimmer and mast positions; St. Francis Rolex Big Boat Series veteran, amateur sailor/racer; Moore 24 season champion, Pac dup veteran (San Francisco to Kauai); bowman in highly competitive Farr 40 campaign.; San Francisco, CA


Matt Siddens: Secondary Trimmer-- cabinet maker and amateur sailor; Rolex Big Boat series champion, Moore 24 season champion team; San Francisco, CA


Hogan Beattie: Mast (man)-- Professional Sailor, former team Member America's Cup campaign; Key West Farr 40 champion; Farr 40 World Champion; various experience with world class maxi yachts. San Clemente, CA


Greg "Radar" Felton: Bow (man)-- amateur sailor; search & rescue pilot; avid sailor 30 yrs. start up company; South Lake Tahoe, CA.


We are off to the races on Wednesday (it is an ALL DAY trip to Florida and then a 8 hour drive down to the Keys) but check back later this week for photos and some video of our arrival and first visit with the crew!!




Go out there and get Active today -- Active_Jess



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