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Day Two_Third Place

Posted by Active_Jess on Jan 20, 2009 9:41:26 PM

Well - with a near to late start and a missed penalty, we took third today with super windy conditions. Take a look at the coverage from the event:


About 2 minutes in you will see a boat actually lose its mast - disastrous and ungodly expensive to say the least when something like this happens. Soozal is racing in the IRC division and holding our own in Division II, if I don't say so myself -- we have a lot of work to do if we are gonna win this thing. Becuase the races are situated between the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean, the overwhelming current treats boats like a virtual washing machine when you are out in the thick of it all. The Florida Keys fall off into the abyss creating a deeper portion of the ocean creating a race schedule that is way off shore to ensure that you will not hit anything below. With those conditions, it makes it pretty hard to get video of the race from my perspective. Take a look at the link below from an approved press boat to see the actual footage from the races:



The first one is from Monday race week. The second is from today's activity. If you follow this blog and go there for your video -- you should be all caught up to speed. There are a few key photographers that have access to the water around the race itself. Chime in if you are interested in seeing the links to these photos and I will post them for you to view.















Tomorrow we are heading out for a screening of Morning Light - For those of you that have not yet seen it - GO OUT AND TAKE A LOOK! If you like sailing, you will love this movie or so I am told and if nothing else - go see it so that you can get a real taste of what this whole sailing thing is all about. I hear it is pretty realistic, but i will let you know after I see it tomorrow night : )



Go out there and get Active and stay tuned from more from the winners circle of tomorrow's race day!






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