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WE WON!!!!!!!!

Posted by Active_Jess on Jan 23, 2009 2:49:04 PM


Today we took two first places which proudly makes us the best of the best.  The entire team has worked so hard for this moment and proving that they could win on a boat that hadn't even set sails in another race before this one, is what made this whole experience worth it.  It is few and far between to see a crew who has never sailed together, come together and gel so well.  Fueled by team spirit, the desire to win, elite knowledge and lack of ego's - this team proved today that they truly are the best. 



We watched both races from aboard the Hindu today.  This ship's history began as a submarine spy boat during WWII, then went on to become on the very first Whale Watching boats ever and also shipped spices to and from India.  Solid wood and equipped with a cannon, we set sails this morning and headed out for a great day of sailing.  The wind was blowing about 10kts and the sun was shinning all day (a first for Key West since we arrived here last Tuesday).  Breath taking views of ocean life, birds and dolphins diving and swimming along side the boat as we headed out to see the competition.   









Boat owner Susan Woolery alongside John (Shake a Leg leader), my husband, daughter and I as we watched from afar.






We took first on the first race and were able to catch up to Soozal for a quick hello and update on the team.  The boat looked great and the team was PSYCHED!








We are heading out to the winner's circle in just  a little bit so stay tuned for a recap soon!

















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