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Active_Jess Key West Sailing 2009

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Posted by Active_Jess Jan 19, 2009


Since the videos were shot on our memory stick unfortunately they are pixilated-- but stick with it, you will get the idea.  We tried not to say a lot in the video as to not disrupt the crew and so that you can really hear what is going on, on board









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Acura Race Week_Day One

Posted by Active_Jess Jan 19, 2009


Well, after a broken wench, a torn spinacker and a few minor finger injuries--practices went well this weekend. Today is Day One of race week. The team headed out this morning focused, in good spirits and ready to face today's challenges. Winds will be favorable for Soozal today with 15 - 20 knots and 2"- 4" feet seas. The team is really beginning to "gel" and the boat itself is looking like she will be a top producer this week.


I wanted to get you virtually inside the event so here is a video and a few photos for you to enjoy from this weekend's practice schedule. Look at the photos under the permalink option under the blog posted here. Disregard the Xmas label of the photo - trust me - it is what you want to see. The other boats in the photos are our competitors - primarily you will see Act One - the boat that was named Boat of the year (I sent the link out in a previous blog).






Key West Harbour





Boat Name: Summit (king 40)













Since I am not physically on the boat during the races, I will try to get access on a press boat in order to include you in the action. Stay tuned for more...






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Details on the upcoming annual sailing event held in Key West, Florida. Event will be held from Jan 19th - Jan 23rd and will consist of a series of multiple races per day. Elite sailing competition and back story from the King 40 "Soozal"

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