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Aisle19 Fundraiser is as Simple as Shopping Online

Posted by Aisle19 on Dec 16, 2008 7:55:55 AM is simple and free fundraiser for your organization that has a lot of upside potential. No, your players and parents won't have to go door to door or ask anyone to do anything different outside of what they are already doing this Christmas Holiday, Valentine Day or this upcoming Baseball season. Parents will shop online now and for years to come.


Take a look at Eteamz temporary web mall and see if any of these stores may appeal to your shopping desires. You can view the Temporary Eteamz Personal Web mall Portal by Clicking Here Now. Click through each store to see what percentage of the cash back that you will receive for each purchase of the possible hundreds or thousands of potential viewers from your players families.


Your team personal web mall portal will set a couple of things in motion for your team and organization. When you and other parents shop at their team own personal web mall portal, they will know that they will be supporting their children's organization with each purchase. The shopper will earn a real cash back percentage on each and every purchase while still supporting their team at the same time. You were going to shop online to plan trips for events and maybe to buy equipment/supplies anyway this holidays and sporting seasons to come. Now when you do, you can earn some of that money back while your team earns also at the same time! Shopping anywhere else just don't make sense.


Scroll down the page and click through some of the categories to see some of the stores. You can also type in the words "Free Shipping or Exclusive" in the search box that says "Find Deals" and make your shopping experience even easier. Take look at this free personal shopping portal by clicking here now. Just remember that this site could have your team and or your name on it.


This is a lifetime membership with no fees. Get your own Fundrasing mall started today by clicking Here Now!


Bruce Jacobs


Fundraising was meant to be All Year Round, Fun and Free!

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Use Aisle19 free mall membership to help your team fundraise the simple way. Online shopping is booming! Your team can benefit year round with this free cash back membership. Get started today at

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