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Posted by AndyL_Sony Dec 20, 2007

So I've been MIA over the last couple weeks because work has been insane, it always is between Thanksgiving and Xmas. Last night was our work party which pretty much means I'm on vaca untill the New Year. Stay tuned, Tahoe tomorrow then Sac for Xmas then San Francisco and finally Big Bear to celebrate New Years. I should have some good pictures form my Cali tour.

My Tour Partner and I:




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Yeah Rain!!

Posted by AndyL_Sony Nov 30, 2007


Actual Boo Rain. I love the rain normally but this time it's thrown a wrench in my weekend plans. We were planning on heading to Big Bear for a training weekend but since it's going to be snowing with a high of 38 we're going to stay in SD. Which means I will probably have to paint our living room(big time Boooo!) We were going to try and catch up with Paul and Karen up in BB since we haven't seen them in a while. They are two of the best adventure racers in the world and two of the nicest people you will ever meet. Check them out here:

Here they are crossing the finish line in the top 10 for the 4th year in a row:

Here's Karen in Columbia:

And Paul in Brazil:



I guess we'll have to play here this weekend.....I'm going to ride Sycamore Canyon and run the Torrey Pines loop.






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I ate too much!!

Posted by AndyL_Sony Nov 28, 2007

Well what can I say, it's true. My wife and I hosted our first Thanksgiving in our new home. Both of our family's came and we had a blast. I bbq'd the Turkey and it was delish. They were all impressed with the Sony GPS and we played with the maps form Dana Point and Balboa Park. Next we'll see what Google does when we're in the Mountains.


Since then the only workout I've had are a couple runs around Lake Miramar I'm in need of some serious catch up. So we're heading up to Big Bear this weekend to get some trail runs and a big bike ride in. Here's all that I've been able to get in since the sun goes down so early:

Now we can't even go around the lake

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Posted by AndyL_Sony Nov 21, 2007


No I'm not playing Captain Jack. I can't seem to get my comp to import my images. I'm going to have to try on my work computer. I know the gps and the camera are working but my stupid pc is not cooperating.






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Back at it.

Posted by AndyL_Sony Nov 17, 2007


Finally back in town and ready to show off some pics and the Cool Google map with my GPS info. Time to grab something top eat then I'll try and get a map embedded in my next post.






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Play Time!

Posted by AndyL_Sony Nov 5, 2007


I finally had a chance to play with my new toys from Sony. This GPS unit is sweet. I need to figure out how to get my map on the blog.



Since the good old Day Light Savings has kicked in I get to play in the dark. So my pics are not the best. I have some cool stuff coming this week so stay tuned.....Dana Point, Sea World and the Chargers Sunday Night game.






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Sony Stuff Arived

Posted by AndyL_Sony Oct 31, 2007

I just got a package from Sony.....sweet!



I'm now tasked with testing the new Sony GPS-CS1KA GPS Unit, this thing looks awesome. I'm going to unpack the box and play a little and I'll be back to let you know my first impression.




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Evac Over

Posted by AndyL_Sony Oct 24, 2007


We made it back home last night. Hoping everyone in SD is able to get home safely soon.






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L5 Report

Posted by AndyL_Sony Oct 19, 2007


So the ride was nice and the light was kick a$$, it also costs $$, $199 Retail. Pretty cheap compared to most quality bike lights though, I would defiantly recommend this one. I was flying and could see really well. Plus it's LED, so the battery will last a long time. This might be my new AR light?? Not sure I can put the old Light and Motion away just yet!






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New Brunton L5!!

Posted by AndyL_Sony Oct 18, 2007


Headed home so I can get my first ride in with the New Brunton L5 Headlamp. It's supposed to be powerfully enough to use as a Mountain Bike light, we'll see. I'll report back tomorrow!

Check it out...





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Training in the Rain.

Posted by AndyL_Sony Oct 17, 2007

Living in San Diego we don't get to play in the rain very often, today(this morning) was one of those lucky days!!


6 miles form my door around Lake Miramar and back. Light rain was falling the whole way and it made the headlamp do some funny things. I left at 5:30 and hit home at just after 6:20. I ran as much as I could on the trail so I could come home muddy and make the wife smile, she couldn't play cause work starts at 7. ha.ha.



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