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Hi! I'm Blake!

Posted by Blake235 Feb 24, 2010

Hey everyone!  I'm Blake and I've been running for just about 6 months now.  My main priority has been the 5k run since I have couple 5k's in Disney over the next couple weeks (ESPN the Weekend and Disney's Royal Family 5k).. I've been running my 5k's consistantly at 27 minutes and I'm happy with that number but I always want to improve.  I hope to do the Wine and Dine Half Marathon in October since its just a couple days after my 21st birthday. (Whats better than running to 13 miles for a glass of wine!?)  Well hopefully lots of people see this.. If you have any input on how I can get my time even lower please share.. If there is a running team that likes my numbers, just needs another person on the team, or would like to just help me out please let me know!

See ya!

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This blog is all about my progress in running and also an attempt to meet other runners that can possibly give me good advice and maybe even find a team that I could join and learn from.

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