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Booking it

Posted by BowieLinda Aug 16, 2010

Though I AM new to running I have a short book list for the activity already.  I just finished ChiRunning, by Danny Dreyer. I browsed at the choices in the book store the other day but nothing really grabbed me.  This afternoon I ran (okay, I DROVE) over to the library and checked out Running for Mortals, one of the Bingham series for Penguins that lots of community friends have been raving about.  This is a quick read!  I have to figure out where I come down in it, since I did C25K but haven't yet run a 5K event. I have a really, really old copy of a Runners' World compilation of articles that I'm going to pull out one day and review too.  It's from my FORMER life running!


Are there books you have really found helpful with running?

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Fiftysomething but not dead yet!! I used to love running, even before ipods or RoadIDs! I'm thrilled to be back and sharing as I learn!

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