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I finished the first step

Posted by BowieLinda Aug 13, 2010

If you had asked me, two months ago, whether I would be running more than a few MINUTES in the heat of summer, I would have told you, "absolutely not!"  I was a reasonably fit adult.  I typically have had some fitness activity or class or workout video that I'm involved in most weeks.  I learned, really during college, for the first time, that there were some athletic bones in this body (before that I was a bookworm, and I had decided I didn't like sports because I was not good at any of the things in Gym Class!).  I took Tai Chi for a while, and loved it.  Then I discovered Yoga and for a very long time, it was my most treasured activity.  I put a lot of time into Pilates too, and still love it.  I have walked on a treadmill for what sometimes feels like decades!  Although lots of people say that sounds terribly boring, I'd get a lot of listening done during that time.  I also have strength trained, with my husband as my partner, for a few years in the past.  But running was a revelation to me, as a young adult.  And although I drifted away from it for a very long time, I think I'm really back to stay now.


I just completed the Couch to 5K training program (C25K, as it's affectionately abbreviated).  Like most people, I was not sure I would stick with it and there were times when I was fearful that I would find the next workout just too hard  but those fears were -- generally -- unfounded.  It made a huge difference, for me, to use a set of podcasts that provide timings and music to help motivate me and prevent boredom, since I was using a treadmill (TM) to train on.  It's been a horribly hot, humid summer.  I didn't think I would stick with the training if I had to run in that every run.


I nearly completed C25K with no runs outdoors whatsoever, but was saved by finding a local running club.  They organize a series of "fun runs" in July and August, and the word "fun" plus the un-intimidating option of a short distance (1.75 mile) on a shady trail around a lake, soothed my fears.  So I managed to get one run in during the C25K training outdoors.  And found out that I really loved it!


Now the TM is still a great help, but I really look forward now to running outdoors when my time allows.  So far I'm having problems waking up quiiiiite early enough to run outdoors before the heat of the day sets in.  (Hey, I was up before the sun for MANY years but I'm retired, now, and I like waking up without an alarm!).  Evening runs sometimes are not possible because I have other meetings and committments but when I can, I plan to get outdoors.


Are you thinking about starting to run, either with the C25K or one of the other training plans?  Post a comment and let me know!

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