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Disce pati / Learn to Endure

Posted by CA3 May 13, 2011

     It's been a long time since I went to the gym with a clear mind. In the past my only goal was to just pass my weight training class, but now the game's different. There's no anxiety of figuring out how much time I still have left in my day to do other things. I just roll out of bed with a t-shirt already on, pull on my sweat pants, head on over to the gym and get to it. If I had a car the trip would be a mere five minutes away, as opposed to the ten/fifteen minutes away by bicycle, and twenty-five minutes away on foot. The bus stops there every twenty to thirty minutes. Getting there from work isn't much longer. And while the fitness center lacks a pool, it has an outdoor track, which is nice for the more pleasant days. The facility is also clean and the staff look like they keep fit.


     When I get back home, the nearest public fitness center with an outdoor track will once again, be over a mile away. It'll only be open for twelve hours a day, nine o'clock in the morning to nine o'clock in the evening. From home I'll have to travel at least an hour by bus to get there. I don't know how long it would take me on foot, or car, but I am confident that Google maps grossly under-estimates the times required for all means of travel. Fortunately, like most Americans the soul sapping, wage slave drum beat would keep me from attending in the morning, and the income generated wouldn't be enough to leave me confident that a commercial gym would be affordable in the long term. From work, the travel time increases by three fold, and while there are other facilities I can go to, the downside is that the ones near work mean enduring the trip tired from both work, working out, and greeting the following day tired from the previous one.


     As such, right now I am slowly finding myself enjoying the gym again. Now comes the more difficult part, learning to endure.

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Happy Holidays Everyone!

Posted by CA3 Nov 17, 2010

As the title implies, this is an effort on my part to pull myself away from a fairly active life to wish everyone of you who take the time out of your busy schedules to visit my blog, a Happy Holiday season. I've done my best to be more active online in as far as posting what I've accomplished, but this time of year tends to get very busy for most of us. For me in particular, the rush begins the week of Veterans day, and it forces me to refrain from the internet, as it is an incredibly effective way of distracting myself.


So, from November 8th through to January 15, I'll be passing on both taking on any new projects and refraining from making any new blog postings until the holiday season is over. That all said, I want to wish a Happy Veterans Day to all of our men and women in uniform, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, a Tip Top Tet, Solemn Ramadan, Feliz Navidad, Gong Fei Ha Choi, Kooky Kwanzaa, メリクリ, Hail Festivus, and above all else Happy New Year to each and everyone of you!


As always please, drink and drive responsibly, but never at the same time!

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Rome Wasn't Built In A Day.

Posted by CA3 Oct 3, 2010

     I’m sure that if you’re reading this, then you’ve been where I am. Maybe not this place in particular, but you know, at the beginning of something you hope will in part improve your life. You’ll know why you’re doing it. What you’re hoping to accomplish by getting it done. You’ve likely even worked out ideas on how you’ll likely reach that goal. The real question on your mind when you start is when will you get there, and will it be in the time frame you expected it to be. Now, this applies no matter what the goal is.
     Like a lot of guys who, avoidably, let themselves turn from a lean, though not quite mean, fighting machine into a doughy brown sack with limbs, I’ve recognized that I need to shed a few of those excess pounds. It was a bit unnerving to sit down one day, look down and see that my stomach was visible. Protruding forward as if it was making a vain attempt to block the waistband of my underpants from sight. I remember standing in the bathroom not too soon after that, looking down as I took a piss and thought some grizzly thoughts. Thoughts that if I didn’t get this expanding waistline and slowly increasing body mass under control, eventually I’d going to look stereotypical middle-class American fat, where I won’t be able to see my ***** while standing to piss unless I bend forward.
I took those thoughts home with me, steeled my resolve and said, “fat boy, you’re not just going on a diet, you’re getting in shape and staying there.” Instead of going the distance like some sort of overzealous over-compensator I’ve chosen to go about getting fit and staying in shape by going it the sane route. For the past week I’ve been pacing myself rather then pushing myself. Getting my body used to using weights again, getting used to traveling several miles by foot. Making notes of when I’m exercising, and what the exercises are. I’ve never kept a meal journal, but I expect that this month I’ll be doing that so I can figure out just what my diet is like and how to improve it.
     I’ve got a list of things I want to accomplish in the next few years one of which is getting in shape. As far as my body is concerned though, I’d like to shed 30lbs of excess body fat. Develop a more prominent upper body to better match my lower body. There are things I know I can never change about myself, this is one of them, and I’d be a fool not to accept that this change would ultimately be to my benefit.
     Do I hope to one day find myself surrounded by beautiful women clamoring for a piece of my body? No, I rarely even dream of such things. I learned a long time ago that a great many women don’t work like that, but I would like to have a body that women give a second glance to with curious expressions on their faces again. I’d like to look in the mirror and see something I see as a remarkable piece of work and diligence staring back at me. I’d like to make this happen now, rather then be like one of those guys asking himself, why he let the time slip away.
     Like all things, it’ll take time to get used to being so active again. It’s takes a baby months to develop into what we see when they’re born. All good things come to those who wait, it also goes without being said that those good things tend to develop faster for those who work smartly, hard and consistently towards it.
     Thank you for reading these somewhat scattered ramblings. I’ll share more words with you as well as my progress as the weeks go by. Until next time, stay well, do good, and accomplish at least one thing that helps you feel better about yourself.

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Hudson Highlands Gran Fondo

Posted by CA3 Sep 17, 2010
Hudson Highlands Gran Fondo
Please join Transportation Alternatives for a premiere event in the grand tradition of Italian cycling -- the first annual Hudson Highlands Gran Fondo on October 10, 2010.  Race, ride and relax in the incomparable hills of the Hudson Valley.
Take the challenge with top pros on an 11-mile time trial on the Storm King Highway, take in the autumn leaves on a 23-mile social ride in scenic Harriman State Park and feast at a special hilltop luncheon across the river in Garrison, NY.
Schedule of Events
9AM: STORM KING CANNIBAL.  Named in honor of five-time Tour de France winner Eddy "The Cannibal" Merckx, the Storm King Cannibal is an 11-mile, chip-timed, individual time trial on the historic Storm King Highway (no TT bikes, only standard road bicycles allowed). Race an exhilarating car-free route alongside professional racers in this USA Cycling licensed race or cheer on racers with T.A. staff and volunteers.
11AM: SEVEN LAKES LOOP.  Ride with T.A. Executive Director Paul Steely White and 100 fellow donors and T.A. advocates on this 23-mile excursion through the peak of fall foliage in Harriman State Park, New York State's second largest.
2PM: THE FINISHER’S FEAST. Unwind with our hosts Bevis and Clara Longstreth at a hilltop luncheon atop a scenic peak near Anthony's Nose in Garrison, NY. Enjoy spectacular river views and local Hudson Valley food & refreshments. We will celebrate our winners at a special award ceremony and continue the excitement with a live auction.
Transportation Alternatives works to improve your cycling environment, and we get results.  The Hudson Highland Gran Fondo will benefit Transportation Alternatives' top bike safety campaigns: 
  • Build a 21st century Protected Bike Lane grid connecting the five boroughs
  • Win a public Bike Share system to spark increased cycling among all New Yorkers
  • Increase car-free hours in Central and Prospect Parks
  • Promote the Biking Rules Street Code of safe, civic riding in Central and Prospect Parks
  • Construct a high-quality, uninterrupted greenway along the East River
  • Permit 24-hour bike access to the George Washington Bridge
  • Redesign the southern ramp on the Manhattan side of the George Washington Bridge
  • Repave Alpine Hill
  • Push for increased speed enforcement and widened shoulders along Route 9W
Registration & Fees
Thanks to a matching grant from an anonymous foundation, every dollar you contribute goes twice as far toward better bicycling in and around New York City.  Only 100 spots are available, so please register today.
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     Out of curiosity to better understand how physically active I am I recently purchased a heart rate monitor watch, a pedometer and a bicycle computer. They were both pretty cheap for me to get and in the first few days of use have been fairly insightful into my current level of physical activity. Now the idea behind getting them was to understand how active I currently am to better aid myself in improving my overall performance and increase my physical activity as needed. My short term goal being, to shed  several pounds of what I believe is excess body weight, and to better motivate myself in maintaining a habit of regular daily exercise.

PC-15 sport pulse computer watch by Sigma Sport F12 Bicycle computer by Bell Sports Weider Pedometer made by Icon Health & Fitness

      Companies have access to plenty of technology reviewers, so I won't waste time and energy on my part to share my opinions on these devices. However, I'm sure some of you who may come to read this will be curious as to what devices I bought, and their respective makers. For the sake of make and model specifics, they are the PC-15 sport pulse computer watch by Sigma Sport, the F12 Bicycle computer by Bell Sports, and the Weider Pedometer from Icon Health & Fitness. All of these devices were relatively inexpensive for my budget, and can be found on Amazon dot com as per the date this blog entry was made. As for the numbers these devices will record, I'll make a posting of my stats every month. I'd rather not bog this blog down with daily stat postings when I could be posting more useful, if not insightful, information.

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NYC Century Bike Tour

Posted by CA3 Jul 31, 2010
2010 NYC Century Tour
Be a part of the 21st Annual NYC Century Bike Tour -- the country's only all-urban 100-mile bike tour! Registration is now open.
Sign up before August 22, 2010 and you will be eligible for the Express Start on Ride Day. The Express Start allows you to start the ride in Central Park, Manhattan or Prospect Park, Brooklyn without having to check-in first.
There are two great reasons to ride the New York City Century Bike Tour; first, this ride is like no other in the world. The New York City Century Bike Tour is America's only fully urban century ride. You can choose your distance- select from 100-, 75-, 55-, 35-, or 15-mile routes. All routes feature amazing views of New York City with fully stocked rest stops and safety marshals along the course. The tour links NYC's breathtaking bridges and beautiful parks to its incomparable neighborhoods and famous waterfronts. The NYC Century Bike Tour shows you the world's greatest city from the best vantage point, your bike.
Second, you're supporting Transportation Alternatives, your advocates for biking, walking and public transit. You riding in the New York City Century Bike Tour demonstrates to the world that cycling is safe and fun in New York City.
Location/Time: Central Park, Harlem Meer, enter at 110th Street and Adam Clayton Powell Jr. 5:30 am OR Prospect Park, Willink Drive near the carousel, enter through the park or at Flatbush and Willink Drive 6:00 am.
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First Post Up!

Posted by CA3 Jul 31, 2010
     Man, does time just fly. Three years ago I set up this account for myself to answer my curiosity in getting back into and remaining physically active. And man, did the time fly. While my life did get pretty busy, I'd pop back here from time to time and see what was going on. Regardless, I still believe that this account has some potential, and purpose. As such, I expect as the weeks and months roll on I'll be investing more time and energy into using this account more effectively. Until then, stay well everyone.
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