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Disce pati / Learn to Endure

Posted by CA3 May 13, 2011

     It's been a long time since I went to the gym with a clear mind. In the past my only goal was to just pass my weight training class, but now the game's different. There's no anxiety of figuring out how much time I still have left in my day to do other things. I just roll out of bed with a t-shirt already on, pull on my sweat pants, head on over to the gym and get to it. If I had a car the trip would be a mere five minutes away, as opposed to the ten/fifteen minutes away by bicycle, and twenty-five minutes away on foot. The bus stops there every twenty to thirty minutes. Getting there from work isn't much longer. And while the fitness center lacks a pool, it has an outdoor track, which is nice for the more pleasant days. The facility is also clean and the staff look like they keep fit.


     When I get back home, the nearest public fitness center with an outdoor track will once again, be over a mile away. It'll only be open for twelve hours a day, nine o'clock in the morning to nine o'clock in the evening. From home I'll have to travel at least an hour by bus to get there. I don't know how long it would take me on foot, or car, but I am confident that Google maps grossly under-estimates the times required for all means of travel. Fortunately, like most Americans the soul sapping, wage slave drum beat would keep me from attending in the morning, and the income generated wouldn't be enough to leave me confident that a commercial gym would be affordable in the long term. From work, the travel time increases by three fold, and while there are other facilities I can go to, the downside is that the ones near work mean enduring the trip tired from both work, working out, and greeting the following day tired from the previous one.


     As such, right now I am slowly finding myself enjoying the gym again. Now comes the more difficult part, learning to endure.

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