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     Out of curiosity to better understand how physically active I am I recently purchased a heart rate monitor watch, a pedometer and a bicycle computer. They were both pretty cheap for me to get and in the first few days of use have been fairly insightful into my current level of physical activity. Now the idea behind getting them was to understand how active I currently am to better aid myself in improving my overall performance and increase my physical activity as needed. My short term goal being, to shed  several pounds of what I believe is excess body weight, and to better motivate myself in maintaining a habit of regular daily exercise.

PC-15 sport pulse computer watch by Sigma Sport F12 Bicycle computer by Bell Sports Weider Pedometer made by Icon Health & Fitness

      Companies have access to plenty of technology reviewers, so I won't waste time and energy on my part to share my opinions on these devices. However, I'm sure some of you who may come to read this will be curious as to what devices I bought, and their respective makers. For the sake of make and model specifics, they are the PC-15 sport pulse computer watch by Sigma Sport, the F12 Bicycle computer by Bell Sports, and the Weider Pedometer from Icon Health & Fitness. All of these devices were relatively inexpensive for my budget, and can be found on Amazon dot com as per the date this blog entry was made. As for the numbers these devices will record, I'll make a posting of my stats every month. I'd rather not bog this blog down with daily stat postings when I could be posting more useful, if not insightful, information.

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