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Candida Symptoms

Posted by Candidiasis on Oct 25, 2011 12:15:22 PM

Candida Symptoms Can Also Be Yeast Infection Symptoms


If you are searching for Candida Symptoms, you can also try searching for yeast infection symptoms, or Candidiasis symptoms.  Although the phrase Candida symptoms has become a popular term when describing symptoms caused by Candida Infections, it is not necessarily the most correct phrase to use.  Candidiasis symptoms may be a better term to use since once Candida Albicans has reached the stage of overgrowth that causes an infection in the body, it is called “Candidiasis”


Candida is the yeast itself, rather than the infection.  And to take it a step further, Candida Albicans is the specific type of yeast that causes the infections.  There are at least 20 types of Candida yeast and very few of them cause, or are responsible for the symptoms in humans.   If you want to take your research a step further, then learning more about Candida Albicans is a good place to start, since it is most likely the cause of your “candida symptoms”.


There is another method that can be used to get deeper in to the specific symptoms you are seeking information about.  This method is to be more specific about the area of the body that you are experiencing these symptoms.  A search for “candida symptoms” will most likely return a whole host of various symptoms from various types of candida infections.  (again remember that candida is a very broad term used by some to describe Candidiasis infections, or yeast infections)


Candida symptoms for females could be referring to symptoms caused by a vaginal yeast infection.  Symptoms such as persistent itching, burning sensation while urinating, pain during sexual relations, or a foul smelling vaginal discharge.  (smells like yeast)  If you are a man, this type of search result may not help too much.  You would be better searching for “yeast infection symptoms in men”.  


Types of Candida infections can include jock itch, nail fungus, athletes foot, skin infections, Thrush, and many more.  Thrush is usually an infection of the oral or anal cavities that tend to affect infants and the elderly at a much greater rate.  However the term Vaginal thrush is used much more often in certain parts of the world when referring to vaginal yeast infections.


Many people searching for candida symptoms are looking for information about what happens internally when Candida Albicans is allowed to flourish beyond control.  Many conditions can lead to this occurring.  These reasons can include antibiotic use, birth control pills, or even hormonal changes as we age.  An improper diet and lifestyle can also lead to an environment of Candida Overgrowth in your body.  One thing is for sure, the symptoms can be quite debilitating for some people, especially if left untreated for an extended period of time.


The whole area of infections caused by Candida, or Candida Albicans can become pretty confusing, especially considering that different areas of the world may refer to them differently.  This article has included a few additional terms you can use in your search for information, that you may not have thought of.  Hopefully reading our articles and using these additional search terms will provide you with the information and treatment options for your “candida symptoms”, that you area seeking.


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