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Mo.  7/7/08: Life Intrudes

Posted by DaveVause on Jul 7, 2008 2:05:24 PM

I've started running again:


Sa, 7/5: 3.25 miles around Buddy Attick Park with Denise.  It was a cool morning drizzle, like running through clouds.  I ran very gingerly, not wanting to get my plantar fascia irritated. 


Su, 7/6: Denise and I went to Buddy Attick, again.  The appeal is that it is a well-graded dirt path, thus minimizing impact and stress to the PF.  Bumped into several walkers and runners I knew from 2004 when I first started marathon training.  That was 30 lbs and 3 marathons ago.


Today: well, I had to drop my SL 320 off at the dealership to get worked on.  This evening its off to order flooring - we're doing the whole first floor and stairs in Pergo.  Otherwise, it would have been a strength training day.

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