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Tu. 7/8/08: Buddy Attick in the AM

Posted by DaveVause on Jul 8, 2008 7:48:03 AM

Denise and I arrived at the park at 6 AM for 3 miles.  We start by the library on the southern side of the lake going counter-clockwise.  As we leave the tree line for the first time on the northern side, the rising sun lites up the trees on the western side.  Its a post card moment, trees reflecting perfectly in the completely still water.  Its a cool 68 F and the run on the soft trail is easy.


We loop the lake a second time and the water is now dappled with tiny ringlets from the millions of insects woken by the sun.  In the distance, we can hear the DC rush hour traffic.


Non-runners miss out on more than fitness.

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