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We. 7/9/08: Plantar Fascia

Posted by DaveVause on Jul 9, 2008 7:15:49 AM

The plantar fascia are ligaments connecting the ball of the foot to the heel.  They hold the bones of the foot in an impact absorbing "arch", allowing us to run with minimal jarring.


Plantar fasciitis is an over-use injury caused by too much distance, speed, intensity, or hills too soon.  I caused mine by hitting 45 miles per week, then, a week later starting tempo runs, and then, 2 weeks later adding intervals.  Dr. Jack Daniels recommends 4 to 6 weeks at a particular level of training before increasing the load.  I obviously did not follow that advice.


My plantar fascia are 95% healed.  This morning brought disappointment because I could feel a little stress in my arches after several mornings pain-free.  I would probably still not run, but the MCM is 15 1/2 weeks away. 


So, I stretch twice a day, emphasizing my gastrocenius, soleus, and perennially tight hamstrings.  I am convinced of a soleus-plantar fascia relationship as I can feel my arch when I do stretches for the soleus.  Also, I'll run on soft surfaces until I'm 100%.  I'm hoping these two modifications to my previous training will allow me to ramp up miles and finish healing.


Training today: strength training in my home gym at 6 AM.

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