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Th to Fr 7/10-11: Sometimes too much support is bad

Posted by DaveVause on Jul 11, 2008 9:15:02 AM

Denise and I did another slow, gentle run at Buddy Attick.  3 miles.


As the day went on, my PF became increasingly sore.  I didn't post because I was composing my "I'm signing off till I heal." blog entry.  I took my shoes off last night after work, and immediately felt better.


I've been running and wearing OTC orthotics trying to alleviate stress on my PF.  But the soreness went away when I took them off.  This is analogous to when I started running: I developed PF fairly quickly.  At the time, I was running in new motion control shoes, thinking I could use all the support I could get.  I went to a running store and they put me into much lighter stabililty shoes.  My PF were fine immediately.


I'm glad to announce I'll be running tomorrow instead of resigning myself to another month's running rest.  Now, I'm not going to use the orthotics.


In running, advice backed by science is the gold standard.  You can find lots of rehab advice, based on conjecture.  So, I was glad to find this:

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