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Su. 08/31/2008 - Reach Further

Posted by DaveVause Aug 31, 2008

Today: 6.75 miles at Buddy Atticks @ 07:00

Borg Scale: 3 / 12:00 mpm / unk bpm at end.

week: 15.75 miles

unk F/unk%

unk / unk%


Ok, so this entry didn't come until days later.  No excuse.  Denise and I chatted briefly with Brahani, who has run several marathons. 


Its the last day of summer (in my mind) and I'm running again.  It feels great.

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Sa. 08/30/08 - The Hard Part

Posted by DaveVause Aug 31, 2008

Today: 2.0 miles on Severn Crossing roads @ 08:000

Borg Scale: 4 / 10:10 mpm / ? bpm at end.

week: 11.0 miles




The hard part now is not overdoing it.  My PFs are seriously getting better.  I could so easily ramp miles and steed.  Like in the spring, the sense of gathering strength is absolutely intoxicating.


Honestly, I meant to do a single warm-up mile prior to strength training.  Twice over "Mt. Tendinitis", as I've named the hill I run over not far from my home.  Hills build strength and this is a strength day, I rationalize.  Then, I go another half mile out, making it an out and back for 2 miles.  Afterwards, I feel fine.


My strength training targets the large muscles across my whole body:

  • chins and pull pulls for lats and bicepts

  • lunges for quads and glutes

  • bent over rows for more lats biscepts

  • bench press for pecs and tricepts

  • good morning for lower back, glutes, and hamstrings

  • military press for shoulders and tricepts

  • heel raise for calfs

  • lying twist

  • side rises

  • crunch

  • knee ups


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Today: 3.0 miles on Severn Crossing Trails @ 06:20

Borg Scale: 3 / 10:39 mpm / 156 bpm at end.

week: 9.0 miles

69 F/79%

144.0 / 15.3%


Short run at early dawn in mist and light drizzle.  Running through the woods I started several robins, apparently sleeping on the side of the trail.  Presumably too early for them to be feeding.


This is the first run on a hard surface where I felt no indication of PF issues since I stopped running.  It has taken a while to heal.


I think my higher heart rate was due to maybe running a little faster at the end.


Abs: prone back bridge, bicycle crunch, V-crunch - all to failure.

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We. 8/27/08 - Deer Flies

Posted by DaveVause Aug 27, 2008

Today: 3.0 miles on Severn Crossing Trails @ 18:00

Borg Scale: 3 / 10:39 mpm / unk bpm at end.

week: 6.0 miles

70 F/100%

Body fat: unk


I ran in a light drizzle.  It felt like fall again.  I guess it really is fall.  One result of missing the summer's running has been that I've not fed a single deer fly this year.  That changed today.  I was wearing a blue singlet and he nailed me on my left lat.  Small issue.


PF still feeling really good.  I'm trying to exert the self-discipline to neither go faster nor go farther.

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Tu.  09/26/2008: Hint of Fall

Posted by DaveVause Aug 26, 2008

Today: 3.0 miles on Severn Crossing Trails @ 06:15

Borg Scale: 3 /  10:58 mpm / 144 bpm at end.

week: 3.0 miles 

68 F/62%

Body fat: 16.2%


Its 6 AM and I have coffee in hand.  There's a cool breeze rustling the elms this morning.  I'm tasting fall in the air.  Sunrise is in 45 minutes.  My body is screaming: "Run!"


We had a cool front go the DC area last night.  My PF issues are nowhere to be felt.  The challenge this morning is not whether to run, rather its not to run too far too fast.


I'm scurrying around our home collecting running gear and playing Yes and Led Zepplin too loudly.  I'll be back with the day's running numbers in an hour.

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Su: 08/24/08 - Cap of the Week

Posted by DaveVause Aug 24, 2008

Time: 08:00

Borg 3 / 11.35 mpm

today: 5.5 miles   in Buddy Attick Park

week: 16.75 miles 

75 F/97%

body fat: unk


I added 1.25 miles, an extra lap, to my run.  I'm running really slowly to minimize stress on my PF.  I added the extra distance just to enjoy running for over an hour.


Towards the end of the run, the temperature must have started to push 80 F.  I could see the effect on the other walkers and runners.  We're all out there for different reasons.  There's a young couple who are speedsters.  Most are in their 40s and 50s, trying to role back years or retrieve lost health.  I was one of them, four years ago.  Now, while I'm slow because I'm nursing an injury, the heat doesn't touch me.  Years of training for the marathon has inured me to 80 degree warmth.

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Fr. 8/22/08: Back at it

Posted by DaveVause Aug 22, 2008


Borg 3 / 10:53

today: 4.25 miles  

week: 11.25 miles 

69F/93% @ 0600 on Buddy Attick Park

body fat: 15.2%



I was surprised to have a 1.6 lb water loss during the didn't seem that hot.



Brahani was there....doing more miles than me, again.



I ran it too hard for my level of fitness...roughly an 11 minute pace. 


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Th. 8/21/02: Cautious

Posted by DaveVause Aug 21, 2008


today: 0 miles  

week:   7 miles 



Today's a "rest" day.  Resting on only 7 miles is strange to me.  My PF feel very good: its hard to hold back.



I'm following Jack Daniels' protocol for coming back after 8 or more weeks of not running.



I keep telling myself that one's body heals and gets stronger while at rest, not during the workout.  This is "supercompensation".



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Wed. 8/20: Once again

Posted by DaveVause Aug 20, 2008

today:  3 miles  

week:   7 miles 

65F/54% @ 0600 on Severn Crossing trails

body fat: 15.1%


Today is day four of my most recent come-back attempt.  For the past several weekends, I've done a "test" 3-miler with Denise around the lake at Buddy Attick Park.  Each week, I have left it at just that one run: even gentle runs on the park's soft surface, flat trail have mildly irritated my PF.


Sunday was different.  My PF continued to improve.


Monday, we slipped out for a pre-dawn 3-miler in the neighborhood.  It was warm and moist.  Mists hung low across the commons and the marsh we run past.


Tuesday was strength training.  I have a difficult time doing my strength training if I'm not running.  My mind says to me: "If I'm not running, what's the point of anything?"  Tuesday morning was different.  At 5:45 I was in my gym for a 1-mile treadmill warm up and a full body, 2-set per exercise, mostly compound barbell work out, done to Yes, Van Halen, Led Zepplin, and any other energetic rock my iPod library can serve up.


I woke up this morning with that wonderful feeling of every muscle in my body having been strenuously exercised recently.  I monitor my PF first thing every morning.  I could feel them very mildly strained.  The complicating issue was that Denise is traveling tomorrow.  Knowing that running with her is very motivating to her, I really wanted one last run to give her momentum to run while on her trip.


At 0600, we slipped out into the cool air of the pre-dawn.  A gust from the north was a harbinger of those blustery cold winter days six months from now.  For now, it was a pleasant run in the cool morning shadows.


Hitting 45 miles per week this spring altered my mind/body connection while running.  Ever since, even after a 13 week hiatus, I have this feeling of lightness and ease in my stride.  After 3 years' marathon training, running this spring became a very natural feeling.  Now, when I go out, my body just slips into a pattern it knows so very well, and does what comes so naturally to it.


Hopefully, I'm back to running for good.   I will know tomorrow morning when I awake and once again check my PF.

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