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Wed. 8/20: Once again

Posted by DaveVause on Aug 20, 2008 7:18:31 AM

today:  3 miles  

week:   7 miles 

65F/54% @ 0600 on Severn Crossing trails

body fat: 15.1%


Today is day four of my most recent come-back attempt.  For the past several weekends, I've done a "test" 3-miler with Denise around the lake at Buddy Attick Park.  Each week, I have left it at just that one run: even gentle runs on the park's soft surface, flat trail have mildly irritated my PF.


Sunday was different.  My PF continued to improve.


Monday, we slipped out for a pre-dawn 3-miler in the neighborhood.  It was warm and moist.  Mists hung low across the commons and the marsh we run past.


Tuesday was strength training.  I have a difficult time doing my strength training if I'm not running.  My mind says to me: "If I'm not running, what's the point of anything?"  Tuesday morning was different.  At 5:45 I was in my gym for a 1-mile treadmill warm up and a full body, 2-set per exercise, mostly compound barbell work out, done to Yes, Van Halen, Led Zepplin, and any other energetic rock my iPod library can serve up.


I woke up this morning with that wonderful feeling of every muscle in my body having been strenuously exercised recently.  I monitor my PF first thing every morning.  I could feel them very mildly strained.  The complicating issue was that Denise is traveling tomorrow.  Knowing that running with her is very motivating to her, I really wanted one last run to give her momentum to run while on her trip.


At 0600, we slipped out into the cool air of the pre-dawn.  A gust from the north was a harbinger of those blustery cold winter days six months from now.  For now, it was a pleasant run in the cool morning shadows.


Hitting 45 miles per week this spring altered my mind/body connection while running.  Ever since, even after a 13 week hiatus, I have this feeling of lightness and ease in my stride.  After 3 years' marathon training, running this spring became a very natural feeling.  Now, when I go out, my body just slips into a pattern it knows so very well, and does what comes so naturally to it.


Hopefully, I'm back to running for good.   I will know tomorrow morning when I awake and once again check my PF.

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