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Su: 08/24/08 - Cap of the Week

Posted by DaveVause on Aug 24, 2008 3:25:55 PM

Time: 08:00

Borg 3 / 11.35 mpm

today: 5.5 miles   in Buddy Attick Park

week: 16.75 miles 

75 F/97%

body fat: unk


I added 1.25 miles, an extra lap, to my run.  I'm running really slowly to minimize stress on my PF.  I added the extra distance just to enjoy running for over an hour.


Towards the end of the run, the temperature must have started to push 80 F.  I could see the effect on the other walkers and runners.  We're all out there for different reasons.  There's a young couple who are speedsters.  Most are in their 40s and 50s, trying to role back years or retrieve lost health.  I was one of them, four years ago.  Now, while I'm slow because I'm nursing an injury, the heat doesn't touch me.  Years of training for the marathon has inured me to 80 degree warmth.

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