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Sa. 08/30/08 - The Hard Part

Posted by DaveVause on Aug 31, 2008 8:04:41 AM

Today: 2.0 miles on Severn Crossing roads @ 08:000

Borg Scale: 4 / 10:10 mpm / ? bpm at end.

week: 11.0 miles




The hard part now is not overdoing it.  My PFs are seriously getting better.  I could so easily ramp miles and steed.  Like in the spring, the sense of gathering strength is absolutely intoxicating.


Honestly, I meant to do a single warm-up mile prior to strength training.  Twice over "Mt. Tendinitis", as I've named the hill I run over not far from my home.  Hills build strength and this is a strength day, I rationalize.  Then, I go another half mile out, making it an out and back for 2 miles.  Afterwards, I feel fine.


My strength training targets the large muscles across my whole body:

  • chins and pull pulls for lats and bicepts

  • lunges for quads and glutes

  • bent over rows for more lats biscepts

  • bench press for pecs and tricepts

  • good morning for lower back, glutes, and hamstrings

  • military press for shoulders and tricepts

  • heel raise for calfs

  • lying twist

  • side rises

  • crunch

  • knee ups


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