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Mo. 09/01/2008 - A Single Mistress

Posted by DaveVause on Sep 1, 2008 3:38:49 PM

Today: 0.0 miles on nowhere @ 06:20

Borg Scale: n/a / n/a mpm / n/a bpm at end.

week: 0.0 miles

unk F/unk%

144.2 / 14.8%


It is said that you should only serve a single master.  Well, I'm not really interested in a master.....perhaps a mistress?


In any event, Denise and I arrived at the National Zoo around 07:00 and spent the next 7-8 hours observing the flora, the spectators, and, yes, even the fauna.  They've done wonderful things landscaping the zoo over the past years and I was more taken by the aesthetics of the place than the animals.  I took some photos with the Nikon that I hope to get on my website soon.


I did notice one point, though.  Young couples who take their young children to visit the zoo on holidays tend to be much fitter than the general population of couples, young or otherwise. 


As for my observations on master and mistress, Tuesday will tell.

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